Top ten minimalist movie posters

Appreciation for minimalist graphic design can be an acquired taste. However, understanding the precept in art that ‘less equals more’, helps to shape a uniquely broad palette of possibility insofar as the production of various media is concerned.

Below is an example of ten movie posters that have been reworked in a truly inspiring, minimalist sensibility.

1. Skyfall by Hvejsel

2. The Matrix by Dwayne L.

3. Total Recall by H. Svanegaard

4. Men in Black by Evandro Blick

5. Raiders of the Lost Ark by Maxime Precourt

6. Goodfellas by Unknown

7. V for Vendetta by Unknown

8. Terminator by Ryan McArthur

9. Beetlejuice by Meagan Hyland

10. Evil Dead by Unknown