Obama wants world government before leaving office

Obama wants world government before leaving office

Grant J. Kidney, September 21, 2016-

Yesterday, Barack Obama gave a remarkably chilling speech to world leaders at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

In the speech, Obama railed against the ‘dangers’ of ‘aggressive nationalism’ and ‘crude populism’ and suggested that what we really need is a borderless, one world government system.

‘A nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself,’ Obama declared to the UN General Assembly.

Not once mentioning Donald J. Trump by name, it is clear that Barry Obama’s directed strife was aimed at the GOP candidate for President.

Obama has repeatedly echoed his vision of a one world governmental system unconstrained by ‘walls’ throughout the course of his Presidency.

While campaigning for President in 2008, Obama flew to Germany where he gave a similar toned speech suggesting world government as the solution to planetary woes.

The 2016 election cycle has come down to a battle of Americanism versus the failed liberal doctrine of globalism.

It was globalism that shut down U.S. industry and ousted many of our jobs to China and other foreign nations.

Globalism is the vision as held by one Hillary Rodham Clinton. Nationalism, on the other hand- as championed by Donald Trump- says that we can restore jobs and lift our nation out of economic ruin such as what has become of places like Detroit.

The following clip demonstrates very clearly Donald Trump’s sharp contrast with that of Barack Obama and other leading globalists.