AnyTrans Review | Is this Best Alternative for iTunes?

You must make use of iOS managers to transfer a large number of photos from your iPhone to your laptop. You can make use of iOS managers also for taking the backup of iPod music on the computer. If you make use of the best iOS managers then you will also be able to transfer videos to the laptop without making use of iTunes.

But for all this, only the best iOS managers have to be used. One such popular iOS managers are anytrans.  Here is a review of this popular option.

Anytrans Review – Features

This is considered as an alternative for iTunes. It is from imobie and you can easily manage content that is there on iPad and iPhone. This iOS manager is very easy to use. It also has a very fast speed. Here is a detailed review of anytrans.

1. Interface of anytrans:

According to some users, the interface of anytrans is better than even iTunes. Anytrans has a clean and easy to use interface. Due to the minimalistic design, many users prefer to use anytrans. The easy interface makes it very easy to share files between devices. Management of applications is also very easy. Taking backup with anytrans is also found to be very easy.

2. Syncing and transferring of data:

You can easily sync the data from your computer to your iPhone and vice versa with anytrans. The user can manually add music and media files to iPhone and iPad. It takes care that there is no duplication of files. Constant re-syncing is also not required. You can easily add music, pictures, videos as playlists and as individual files. It also allows the transfer of data between 2 iOS devices.

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3. Application and file management:

One very important point that we cannot miss out in the anytrans review is the built-in app manager. It lets you find out the details about the different apps that are installed on the device. This is one of the best file management systems for iPhone/iPad systems. It also lets you browse through the file system. It also lets you use your iPhone as a storage device. It lets you carry the files on the iphone. In order to access these files somewhere else, the user will have to make use of another file explorer.

4. Back up management:

In the case of itunes you will not know what all is stored as back up. It may have a backup of everything but you cannot see it. But in the case of anytrans you will easily take the backup and you can also check what all is stored on the backup. It is also possible to access only part of the backup. It also gives the option of selective backup restore.

5. iCloud Explorer:

With the help of this explorer, you can easily access the files that are stored on iCloud backup. It also has an option that lets the user sync certain files or folders on the iPhone or on the iPad directly with the cloud backup.

6. A look at the iWozard feature of anytrans:

With this feature, you can easily manage the transfer of content on your iPhone or iPad. It can directly let you take a backup of audio or video files on your iPhone or iPad to the computer or to the iTunes library. This feature also stores tags, play counts, artworks, ratings, and other data automatically.

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Important features of anytrans at a glance:

  • It allows the transfer of content from one idevice to another
  • The user can rebuild the itunes library
  • It has complete app transfer
  • It also lets the user copy playlists
  • The user can also freely add ipod music
  • Very fast speed.

Anytrans Price:

All good things come at a cost and anytrans is no different. Being one of the best alternatives for itunes naturally, the packages are a bit on the higher side. It has single license and unlimited licencse options and it it woth the money that you are sending.


If you have been looking out for an alternative for itunes then your search ends with anytrans. This is one of the most useful software that is available at a very competitive price. It lets you put to entertainment files like music, videos etc directly on your Apple devices. It has a number of useful features.

According to some users, anytrans is even better than itunes. This statement speaks volumes about the quality of this iOS manager. This is a paid application. Some of you may find the price to be a bit higher. But when you check the different features and the usefulness of this app you will be convinced that it was worth all the money that you invested.

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