ARRIS SURFBoard SVG2482AC Review – Is it Really Worth for Price?

The new Arris svg2482ac is the latest arrival for your Comcast services, and people are already rooting for it. If you cannot wait for the early releases, then Arris has something for you, which can be intriguing, and it gets your work done. The Surfboard voice gateway is the new arrival in the market, and it is a combo box which includes all kind of deals in it. Like there is the fast cable modem and even an advanced Wi-Fi router which comes with a single box pack. It is done for you so that you don’t have to change it over and over again and take care of the connections to various devices all at once.

In many ways, the new Arris svg2482ac is the update to the previous Surfboard extreme which was released in the market, not prolonged time back. The new gateway has a lot of support mechanism, and it features gigabit support and broadband speed. It is one of the essential feature of this gateway on the market with the Reference Design Kit (RDK- B) Technology. It is the new technology which is used to deliver smooth performance and impressive features.

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Arris SVG2482AC Wifi Router Review : Introduction

The new integrated source of the RDK-B is open-source management of software stack so that it can provide a common framework for the equipment which is held by the customer. It is such as the set-top boxes which are used for the modem, the router, the gateways, and even the communication facilities with the other service providers from all around. The technology is enabled for the service, which is used to standardize certain elements. That is done to make sure that they are being let quickly to launch their new services to customize the other type of applications and in all together.

The new Arris svg2482ac is the perfect choice for people who wants to have voice subscribe and robust management and system core. The first retail Wi-Fi with a feature of modem and RDK, it becomes the top choice for the people from all around. If you want to lick your Xfinity gear and have a reliable battery backup with the modem that you are using, then Arris have the one for you. Now you can put out all your power back in control for this new surfboard and in the right way with a package that you cannot deny.

Features of Arris SVG2482AC:

Here are the elements for the new arrival by Arris’.

  1. 3T3R MIMO Technology for the usage of high technological data at one time.
  2. ALG Support for surfing.
  3. Access Point operational mode.
  4. DNS Server and safety features.
  5. IPv4 and IPv6 Support.
  6. NAT Support.
  7. rip current Technology.
  8. Samba support.
  9. Wi-Fi Protected Network Support and Setup.
  10. Auto-sensing per device.
  11. Auto-uplink.
  12. Parental Control.

Here are some of the points discussed below.

  1. The new 802.11ac specification by Arris meets the new for everyone. This means that the new modem-router connection and embodiment is what makes this choice worth your penny if you want to put in it. And the Wi-Fi speeds are incredible when it comes to Arris.
  2. The cable which is used makes the internet speed fast running and reaching the download speed, which can go up to 1 GBPS as well.
  3. The availability for the channel bonding feature with the use of 2 telepho9nic ports can help you to use the data transfer speed and even have the unit features for 24 downloads at the same time.
  4. The most important one is the Gigabit Ethernet technology which can be used for multiple devices all at once so that it can be used to switch the function whenever it is required.


Here are the speculations of this new surfboard.

  • The frequency band used- 2.4 GHz.
  • Status Indicators: Power, WLAN, WAN, LAN, Wireless, USB, WPS.
  • Manufacturer name: Arris.
  • Form Factor- Desktop.
  • Connection and type- Wireless.
  • Data Link Protocol- Ethernet, Fast Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE, 802.11 ac.
  • Wireless Protocol- 802.11b/g/n/ac
  • Data Transfer rate- 175 MBPS.
  • The critical feature used- Firewall.
  1. DOCSIS 2.0 cable is used for the modem which is capable for the download speeds and which can go up to 1 GBPS.
  2. 24 download and there are about more than 89 upload channels which can take place at one time.
  3. Two Telephony port present on the backside to increase the convenience.
  4. Four Gigabit Ethernet ports used for the last call.
  5. Optimized usage with the help of the Xfinity Internet and the Voice Service.
  6. RDK-B used for technological support and the next-gen product and service is bought in with the help of RDK-B.
  7. Optional battery backup presented which are used during the time of emergencies or power cuts.
  8. The system and the modem are extremely easy to set up and at the same time. It is easy to configure on your own even though you are using it for the first time.
  9. Allows for channel bonding more than once. This means that you can use it at the same time for bonding with various channels.
  1. The price can sometimes be more for users who are just on their budget.
  2. Arris’ have a problem for trying to keep customers with the use of their speed, which can sometimes be low due to connectivity issues.

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Final Verdict:

The new Arris svg2482ac is the top and the popular choice for people who want to find an affordable and comfortable surfboard at their range. It has been setting the pace on the market for quite some time now. It can help customers who are facing some severe issues to spend their cash over others. It is not an exception when it comes to great features because Arris have always made it to the top. When it comes to providing you with essential features and benefits. The ease of the setup, as well as the high speed offered by Arris, is what makes everyone’s mind towards it.

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