Best CPU Temp Monitor | List of Top 6 Softwares

Controlling the CPU temperature is highly essential in order to run the system in an efficient manner. If the temperature soars, the PC might not be performing to the best of its abilities. For a long term scenario of healthy CPU life, maintaining moderate temperature is important.

In order to avoid an excess of overheating as well as overloading, getting in touch with some of the best CPU temp monitor software is crucial. While the market is flooded with so many likable software, let us find the top 6 temp monitor programs for a better working environment of the CPU.

Factors that need to be taken care of while maintaining CPU temperature:

If you want the CPU temperature to be within the moderate range, a number of factors play its definitive role. They are as follows:

  • The load that the CPU is taking
  • The speed of the clock
  • The fan speed
  • The voltage of the PC
  • Usage of RAM

When looking into decreasing the temperature, all these factors must also be controlled. Effective CPU monitoring starts when the PC is able to perform efficiently without further heating issues.

List of Top 6 CPU Temp Monitor:

Aiming for an ideal CPU temperature is one of the key steps that must be followed in order to keep the PC or the laptop healthy. According to some researches performed, the CPU temperature must be between 45 degrees to around 50 degrees. Thus, optimizing the temperature of the CPU is really mandatory if you want the computer to work properly. In order to prevent the device from getting too much hot, let us take note of the top 6 best CPU temp monitor that comes handy in this digitalized world.

1. HW Monitor:

On the top of the list of the best CPU temp Monitor lays the updated HW Monitor software, which systematically brings in effective temperature management right from the start. There are specific symbols that come up once the system starts heating and operating this software can lower the temperature and make the system efficient. You can at one point of time check various factors like the temperature of the motherboard, processor, RAM, etc.

The only drawback of this software is that it lacks all of the advanced features that are present in the recent ones available in the market.

2. AIDA64 Extreme Monitor

A total comprehensive software that works efficiently in relation to maintaining the CPU is AIDA64 Extreme Monitor. This is also a benchmark software that guides in the process of providing additional security along with controlling the temperature. This software is practically known for its suitable interface which is intuitive and thus, it is really easy even for first-time users to understand the working of this software.

However, one of the possible drawbacks that come forth with using this software is that it is a pay version and doesn’t come free. If you are looking for a free version, you must try out the other monitors that are available in the market.

3. Rainmeter:

One of the most effective features that make this temp monitor the user’s favorite is its complete set of versatility. Rainmeter is a free tool that can be installed easily in order to keep the temperature of the CPU optimized. With the help of the software, you can get additional information as well like Time, current weather, the RAM usage, disk usage, CPU, etc.

Some of the systems already have Rainmeter in its default setup and this makes it quite easier to control the temperature from the beginning.

4. Real Temp

Sometimes, there are specific temp monitors available that suit only a particular processor. In this scenario, the all-new Real temp is there to maximize the experience of controlling the CPU temperature only in relation to INTEL processors. If the processor is something else, this software might not work pretty well. The Real temp software is compatible with all sorts of Intel processors like Quad-core and even the recent I7 ones.

The most reliable part about this software is that it helps in monitoring the temperature of the CPU from the very start and even explains the reason for the sudden heat-up. The maximum and even the minimum temperatures are listed clearly. If the CPU temperature happens to rise up quickly, then an alarm rings. Therefore, the system effectively then cools it down and brings it back to normal.

5. Speed Fan

If you are looking for the best CPU temp monitor that is suitable for all Windows as well as IOS platforms, then Speed Fan is the latest entry that the users would love. The software is so relatable that once you start using it, the temperature of the CPU starts showing in the taskbar. With this software, you can check with the fan speed, the voltage of the CPU as well as the RAM usage.

Once the temperature rises above the critical mark, a red symbol keeps blinking. This means that you have to take means to stop the temperature from increasing quickly. The action of the software is pretty amazing and doesn’t call forth any complexities in its usage.

6. CPU thermometer

With minimalistic options that some users usually prefer, CPU thermometer is likely one of the most superior temp monitors that add to the strength of the PC in determining the CPU temperature. It is really easy to use, as the current temperature with the average optimal temperature is shown one by one.

While the tool might not be having all the latest features, you would be warned once the temperature starts to increase. The temperature can be measured with this software and thus, you can instantly deal with it with appropriate measures. There is also an icon initiated once this tool starts running!


Now that you are aware of the best CPU temp monitor, it would be easier to install one of them in order to keep the temperature optimized. In order to maintain the PC’s shelf life, it is absolutely essential to analyze the prospects that devote to maintaining optimized CPU temperatures.

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