Best Driver Updater Softwares for Windows 10 & 8.1

Windows has been a popular OS among computer users since its launch. Its ease of usage and remarkable flexibility has made itself many fans worldwide. A computer is operated because of the presence of different devices, External and internal. Keyboards, Graphic card, Mouse, among others are some of the examples. All the external devices and also internal devices too are aided by their drivers.

There is a need for regularly updating the drivers. However, finding updates for 100s of devices can be a tough deal. This is why in this article we are going to let you know about 10 best driver updater software for Windows.

Best Driver Updater


Brief Information About Windows Driver Updater:

Whenever we think about computer Windows certainly comes to our mind. It has played a significant role in the way we use our PCs. On November 20, 1985, the first version of Windows was launched, titled Windows 1. At present, the latest version is Windows 10. The company has gone a long way in order to improve and enhance the way we use our computers. Their dedication towards top-notch service is evident through its updates.

What is a Driver?

When you connect a new keyboard, pen drive, Printer, etc to your computer, you get a message saying ‘Installing New device’s driver’. These drivers are essentially a group of files which are loaded in the new device. They help the computer to send and receive data correctly to hardware devices, such as a graphic card. If you don’t install the driver for a particular device then the computer wouldn’t recognize it. The new mouse or pen drive will just be perceived as a small piece of metal sticking to the computer.

Why is there a need to update drivers?

This is the age of information and technology and there are advances in these on a day to day basis. The manufacturers of devices such as graphics card, printer, etc release updates regularly. These updates help the peripherals to communicate efficiently with the computer.


Usually, the computer has the ability to update these drivers to ensure smooth functioning. However, depending on your preferences and settings, it may not happen. This is the exact reason why you need a Driver updater for Windows.

List of Best Driver Updater for Windows:

As the name suggests, it is special software which helps in updating the finding the latest updates of the driver and installing them. It essentially brings all the driver at one place and reduces the hassle altogether. Furthermore, there are some special benefits and features offered by some updaters. In the further section of this article, we will list down some of the best driver updaters for Windows available on the internet.

1. Driver Booster

Driver Booster is termed as the best performer in this segment. The official website claims that it checks and updates 2,500,000+ device drivers from Intel, Nvidia, AMD to reduce system freezing and crashing. It has been termed as the best driver updater for windows by many reviewers. We also found it useful enough to be kept as first in our list. It specializes in improving game performance and focuses on updating the graphics card drivers so that highly optimized game-playing could be done. It deletes useless files in the installation package and distinctly compresses installation packages. This essentially helps in saving time and resources.

You can opt for the premium version as it offers additional features such as automatic backup of all drivers for safe restore, unlocking driver update speed limit, auto-update to the latest version, free 24/7 technical support on-demand, among other things. The premium subscription costs $22.95 for 1 year and is valid for 3 PCs.

2. DriverPack Solutions

The second software on our list is DriverPack solutions. It has been installed by more than 45 million users and is progressing at an exponential pace. It works with all the latest version of windows such as 10, 8,7, VISTA and XP. It is portable and can be launched from any folder or flash drive also. You can even download a set of drivers in a 7Z file which has a separate folder for different manufacturers such as Logitech, Nvidia, Realtek, HP, Lenovo among others.

Overall it is easy to use, supports bulk downloads, and helps in offline installing of drivers as well so that you can work without being connected to the network. It is also a good option if you don’t want extra features such as backup/restore, among others. Essentially it is a minimal driver updater program and serves the exact purpose that is intended.

3. Winzip Driver Updater

It is the simplest driver updater on our list with a minimal UI and design. It has some of the useful features such as creating backups of original drivers, scan tool for scanning all the outdated drivers, among other things.

You can also schedule periodical scans and fix issues with a single click. There are some drivers which you may not want to update for different reasons. The exclusion features separate or exclude all those drivers which you don’t wish to update.

4. Driver Finder

This software is liked by many of its users. It is free of Bloatware and malware, and this is why you would not see any obtrusive advertisements from its developers for other products

It is true that no driver updater software is able to detect and find all the outdated drivers for PC. However, the ability to find most of them is also appreciated. In some tests conducted on this software, it was seen that it was able to find more than 70 of 149 out-of-date drivers. So yes, it could be said that this software is worth using for your PC.

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5. Driver Reviver

This software is developed by ReviverSoft, a company which specializes in making PC solutions. The software makes sure that the drivers are updated and the PC hardware is performing at optimum levels. It does so by receiving updates for bug fixes, performance improvements and regularly updating its driver base. It focuses especially on eliminating the risk of downloading a faulty or infected driver. There is much software which isn’t immune to this.

It is appreciated for its quick scan and update process, which makes sure that not much of your time goes in updating drivers. The safety feature of Driver reviver has made many fans worldwide and it’s backup, restore exclusions, scheduler features provide great utility.

6. Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care boasts of a simple interface with a gigantic list of features and we couldn’t agree less. With a simple set of instructions to follow right from download instructions and the usage of the same, it has a beautiful interface that is easy to decipher.

The driver automatically scans your PC and looks up for outdated, corrupt or broken drivers and gives you the option to update and fix them all at once instead of the regular individual updation process. The best part is that it also allows you to store the backup of the drivers before you update them. If you don’t like the update, just restore them with a single click.

7. Snappy Driver Installer

If you have seen how DrivePack Solution works, you are bound to find many similarities with Snappy Driver. We absolutely love the fact that the driver is ad free and doesn’t limit the speed of download. In addition, it allows you to as many drivers as you want to.

You can also accompany the software in your pen drive or hard-disk wherever you go. Another advantage of installing the software is that it lets you operate with or without an internet connection. It may be a bit complex to operate the software but it allows you to download the drivers that are available within the software.

8. Advanced Driver Updater

Developed by Systweak, Advanced Driver Updater made it to this list due to its sleek and consistent performance and a good range of features it possesses.  One of the most loved features includes that this driver automatically searches for the latest drivers on the internet and downloads them on your computer, you know, after your permission.

It also automatically detects the drivers that don’t gel up with your system and excludes the from the updation list. Along with a backup and restore option, it also allows you to schedule scans and is highly compatible with the latest systems. P.S- It is also multi-lingual.

9. Driver Easy

Driver Easy is effortlessly lighter software as compared to the ones available in the market right now. It automatically detects repairs, downloads, and updates the existing hardware drivers on your computer. But, it doesn’t end here; it also notifies you when a new update is available in the store.

It aims to keep a track of your device minutely and help you keep your device up-to-date and allows backups. The driver only supports certified drivers for your PC. You will automatically notice the boost in the performance of your PC. It finds drivers for Bluetooth, Audio devices, Graphic cards, Wi-Fi cards, Chipsets, USB devices, etc.

10. AVG Driver Updater

This is the best driver to eliminate the annoying freezes and sudden computer crashing. It also works hard to give you faster download, richer audios, and better graphics and browsing. It is made up of classic and simple interface and has easy navigation.

Post-installation, the driver automatically scans your PC and notifies you for updates, fixes, and repairs. It also suggests you the best alternatives to the existing drivers installed in your PC. The website boasts of the driver having a database of 127,000+ drivers. This is one of the best options for quick results with terms of enhanced performance.

We tried our best and researched all the Best driver updater for windows to come up with this list. So this is all from our side. We hope you found this article helpful.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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