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You may have heard about flight simulators. You may have some idea about the same. That is you may be aware that it is associated with aircraft cockpit experience. Let us check all the important details about a flight simulator.

What is a flight simulator?

This is an electronic or mechanical system that creates an environment that is similar to that of the aircraft. This virtual reality system is mainly used for pilot training. It can also be used to do research on the characteristics of the aircraft and for the development of the aircraft. Some people may also use it for recreation purpose. It helps the pilot to understand the complex handling of an airplane. It is considered as an affordable and risk-free training solution.

List of Best flight simulators for PC in 2019

Now let us check some good flight simulators:

1. X Plane 11 Global Flight Simulator:

This simulator has 3D cockpits. This naturally gives the user a wonderful experience. This simulator covers different types of landscapes, different airports, and different cities. It gives an almost real flight experience. Even beginners can easily pick up things on this simulator.

2. X-Plane 10:

This simulator is one of the best if you want to get a real experience. It has options using which one can create different types of planes. It has options using which one can fly different planes. The user can also change the flight conditions. On this simulator, you can get the experience of flying gliders and even space shuttles. The user can change the flight conditions and it also gives options to take off from different airports.

3. Microsoft Flight Simulator X:

This simulator lets you create different types of planes. It lets you enjoy the experience of flying to different parts of the globe. The user can also create own routes using this simulator. It has 2 additions. These are standard and deluxe additions. The deluxe version will have more airplanes, more cities and more airports as compared to the simple addition.

4. IL-2 Sturmovik:

This is a combat flight simulator. This is considered as one of the best World War II flight simulators. It has very good graphics. It also has good multiplayer features. This flight simulator is best suited for people who enjoy air fights and war.

5. B17 Flying Fortress:

Here the user can go on a bombing mission. He will be in charge of a squadron of 12 bombers. The target position will be 20000 feet below and the player has to aim to destroy the target. It surely gives one of the most amazing experiences to people who like to take up challenging missions.

6. Aerofly FS2 Flight Simulator:

This simulator will give you an almost realistic experience. The flight dynamics are outstanding and the graphics of this simulator are superb. It has 3D interactive cockpits. You can also adjust the cockpit lighting at night. It has an interactive flight school where one can learn about the basic things about flying. With this simulator, you can get the experience of flying over 200 airports.

7. Flight Gear:

This simulator is very good for training as well as for research purpose. This simulator has more than 20000 real airports from across the world. The marking and placement of the runway are accurate in this simulator. The lighting on the runway etc are correct in this simulator and hence it gives you a realistic experience.

8. Lock On Modern Air combat:

Those who want to get experience in flying modern fighter planes need to try out this flight simulator. It has single-player campaigns, AI for enemy aircrafts etc. The detailing part is excellent in the case of this flight simulator.

9. Rise of Flight-United Edition:

This is a World War I flight simulator. It kind of takes you into the past era. You get a chance to fly over the European skies in a very dramatic fashion. This is a must-try for all those who have a fascination for fighting a war-like situation.

10. Fox One:

If you are just a beginner who wants to get an idea about cockpits and flights then you can opt for this app. This is free and it will give you better clarity about what happens inside a plane. The free version has three planes. If you choose the full version then you will get to fly the number of planes and you will also get to enjoy more missions.

11. Take on Helicopters:

If it is helicopters that fascinate you then this one is for you. The user gets to explore real-world environment. In this simulator you can actually go on missions. You actually get to understand to role of a helicopter pilot.

12. Flyinside:

This simulator makes use of VR platform. This simulator has 3D graphics and models. The flying conditions are almost real. So, one gets to experience something really close to the real world. You can fly over the entire United States in this simulator.

A look at upcoming flight simulators:

Squadron 42 is expected to be released next year. It has space combat mechanics and promises to be a very exciting simulator. Combat Air Patrol 2 is also going to be launched next year. In this case, the user gets to take control of AV8B Harrier II. It is said that it will have a real-world environment.

Flight simulators are one of the best ways to understand details about flying a plane.  They are being used in a big way in the training of pilots. People who aim to become pilots and want to get experience about how it will be when they become a pilot can check out some of the above-mentioned simulators.

The choice of the flight simulators will depend on your liking. That is whether you want to get experience in flying a fighter plane or a helicopter or a passenger plane. You can choose the simulator based on these factors. There are a number of options available in the market and you can choose based on your liking and budget.

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