7 Best Free PC Cleaners for Windows | Download Softwares

As time passes and your brand new PC becomes older it starts getting stubborn. It becomes slow and all this naturally affects your productivity. This is a common problem that all PC users face at some point.

Well, if you make use of a PC cleaner then this issue can be resolved. Some of you might not be very keen on spending money to buy a PC cleaner. Not to worry! You can always explore the option of free PC cleaners. Here is the list of software that is available for free. From this list, you can select the best free pc cleaner for your PC.

Best PC Cleaners 2019 : Completely Free

we listed 7 softwares according to the priority. We suggest you to read about every software & choose the one thats suits you best.

1. Advanced System Optimiser:

This is a user-friendly tool with no complicated functions. This software will collect all the junk files, logs, caches, and not useful data in one place. All that you have to do is delete all this unwanted stuff at the click of a button. You can use this software to clean the hard disk or to clean your PC. You can also use it to update the drivers and to protect your PC from malicious stuff. It has many other features like smart PC care for PC issues. It has a registry cleaner, disk optimizer, game booster, driver updater, system updater, duplicate remover, etc.

2. WinZip System Utilities Suite:

This software has a number of features that can help in keeping your PC in the best of health. It has features like system PC care, registry optimizer, driver, Updater, disk cleaner, privacy protector. It is very easy to use this software. All that you have to do is download the software. Next, you have to do a performance scan. This is complimentary. This scanning will help you to understand why the PC is running slowly. Then accordingly you can take steps to do away with the issue.

This is not just a PC cleaner. It has a number of other features that can help in improving the performance of your PC. There are backup and restore options. You can also lock your important information. There are tools for system maintenance and malware protection. The scanning is complimentary but if you want the complete software then you need to purchase the product.

3. Iolo System Mechanic:

This is also a very effective software. However, you need to remember one thing that all the features of this software are not free. This software helps to remove junk files and applications that you are not using. You can use this software to clear RAM, to remove logs, browser history, caches, etc. The free version has some really good features. But if you want the complete software with all the features then you have to opt for the paid versions.  These are System Mechanic and System Mechanic Pro. You may first try out the free version and then you may upgrade to the premium versions.

4. IObit Advanced SystemCare Free:

This is good software which helps in cleaning the PC at the click of a button. This software has two versions. One is the free version and the second one is a paid version. The free version will take care of the basic cleaning of your PC. The premium version along with pc cleaning offers a number of other useful features. In the basic cleaning, it will help in removing unwanted files and folders.

The paid version is known as the Pro version. Along with basic PC cleaning, it can also help in improving the internet speed on your PC. You can also use it for real-time optimization and for protecting your privacy. It also has a deep registry cleaning feature. In the paid version you can get round the clock support from their customer service team.

5. Piriform CCleaner:

This easy to use the software is very effective in cleaning the PC. It is found to be more effective as compared to other software. It helps to free up the disk space. Here too you have free edition and paid edition.

With the free version, you can remove the temporary files and unwanted cookies. It also helps to remove caches. In the paid version you get an optimization toolkit. In the paid version you can schedule the cleaning of your PC. Your PC also gets real-time protection in the paid version.

6. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019:

The designing of this software is very good and this software is known for its flexibility. In a single click, this software will let you scan junk files, broken registry entries, and browser cookies. Once you get the details of all these unwanted stuff you can easily remove them in a single click. This software also gives you the option to check the results of the scan one by one. You can then delete only the ones that you feel need to be removed from the PC. This software has tools for maintenance and optimization of the system.

7. CCleaner Professional:

This software is said to have a very powerful scanning system. This helps you to find out all the unwanted things in every corner of your PC. It is user-friendly and you can expect an improvement in the performance of your PC once you use it.

This software has free and paid versions. The paid option has a number of advanced features. The paid version of Cleaner Pro (Professional) has system cleaning options for cleaning the system. It has registry cleaner for the Windows Registry. The disk analyzer helps to scan and find out the files that are taking more space in the PC. You may start with the free version and once you are confident that you can use this software easily then you can go for the paid version.

These are some of the PC cleaners. They have paid as well as free versions. Naturally, the free version will have fewer features as compared to the paid version. Just go through the features of all the cleaners and then choose one that suits your requirement.

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