Top 10 Best Free Proxy Sites in 2019

The big wide world of the internet can be a bit scary too. The fear of being tracked down through browsing history can make a lot of people think twice before surfing the internet. Well, to put an end to your fear and allow you to browse safely are a number of free proxy websites. Now you can safely hide your identity in the virtual world as you browse through content online. No risk of being tracked or hacked.

How Does a Web Proxy Work?

A web proxy basically facilitates using the internet anonymously and even accessing all that you want without any limitation. Certain official organizations like schools, universities, and government departments restrict access to their websites for security reasons. Similarly, some web content is unavailable in a particular country. Access to all these can now be gained by using a web proxy.

Let’s see how it works. A web proxy refers to a computer server through which a user’s IP address can be changed without online traffic encryption. This guarantees the user absolute privacy during Internet surfing and also makes it difficult for hackers to track user details.

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Best Free Proxy Websites (Servers) in 2019

This facility is generally paid for users. But there are some good free proxy services too which you can avail at ease. Here’s a list of the best free proxy services available:

1. HideMyAss

This is one of the best servers to choose from if you wish to access restricted content. It provides both VPN and free proxy services. The server securely stores your IP address and that of the VPN server which you’re connected to. It has fast speed too and provides absolute safety for web browsing.

2. com

This server allows free access to a number of websites at excellent browsing speed. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube – you can now anonymously access all content from all your favourite sites without a worry. Moreover, ProxySite is SSL-encrypted allowing access to a number of proxy servers in the US and Europe. It also enables changing the server anytime.

3. me

As the name suggests, this is one of the best proxy sites to hide your identity in the online world yet enjoy browsing all your favorite content. None of your databases and IP addresses is saved permanently and therefore all your browsing history becomes literally untraceable. This becomes possible as the website URL immediately expires at the end of the browsing session.

4. AnonyMouse

Easy and fast to use proxy server online – all you need to do is simply type the name of the site you wish to browse in the address bar. The service is both free and paid. The only hitch is that the free version has lots of popup ads which get blocked in the premium service. The server can be accessed in both English and German.

5. net

It allows quick changing of IP addresses to ensure 100% anonymity. And there’s more. In spite of changing the IP address, the server also offers the facility of Ping test wherein you can determine the server’s response time too. Also, the site offers 7-9 different servers to choose from manually.

6. KProxy

A portable and free proxy server which offers a free extension for Chrome and Firefox, besides an additional specific proxy browser for KProxy. Users can hide the menu at the top of the screen. There are 10 different servers which you can easily change from so that you can access any restricted or blocked site content simply by changing the IP address.

7. 4everproxy

One of the best proxy websites for videos that allows easy and free of cost access to a host of websites. The server can unblock video content on YouTube and also offers unlimited speed and bandwidth limit.

8. BlewPass

This is one of the best websites to evade all firewalls and filters so that you can view all blocked websites on the Internet, such as Facebook, Gmail, and Metacafe.

9. org/

More than 800 free web proxies to choose from, this one will make you spoiled for choice. Makes for perfect anonymous browsing.

10. us

The last on the list, it offers all the basic features of most websites listed above. The user interface is pretty simple to use and user friendly too.

Top Benefits of Free Proxy Server:

  • Anonymity
  • Access to restricted or blocked content
  • Reduce website loading time
  • Filter malicious websites
  • Makes tracking or hacking impossible

Is a Proxy Server Really Anonymous?

A free proxy server may have several benefits but it doesn’t come without drawbacks. For instance, the anonymity that proxy serves claim to offer cannot be really guaranteed for sure because your IP address is always visible and known to the owner of your proxy server.

As such, proxy servers can be categorised into three parts based on their level of anonymity:

  • Level 3 – Transparent Proxies

These types of proxy servers do not offer any kind of privacy, hence the name transparent. This is because they forward nearly all your details and IP address information to the websites that you access using them. So technically even though your IP address is concealed, it’s still visible in the request header sent to the website.

  • Level 2 – Anonymous Proxies

They are also known by the name of distorting proxies and are better than Level 3 ones in the sense that they don’t reveal the user’s IP address to the server that you connect to. So they are overall a good choice for online browsing.

  • Level 1 – Elite Proxies

They make up for the best choice of proxy servers for most people surfing the internet. Your IP address gets hidden and the websites that you access through them also don’t come to know who you are.

Summing Up

Privacy is of great value when it comes to internet surfing. After all, it’s a big world out there and there are always people eyeing what you do with malicious intent. Therefore, a proxy server can really help conceal your identity and still let you enjoy all the benefits of web browsing.

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