Best iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro Max Accessories You Should Get!

Here are the Best Accessories for your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max. From keeping the protection factor in mind to looks, we have everything here for you. Have a look. With every new iPhone we get a list to buy new and advanced accessories for it, but wondering which one to pick out of the best.

Here when iPhone 11, 11 pro, 11 max are in the market. It has driven people crazy about it. And to make it more classy and protective and just like the cherry on the cake we will show you every accessory you will need with your iPhone.

Accessories for iPhone 11: Most Used

Let’s start with the Ear Buds designed especially for iphone11. Now, the first earbuds are with the basic features just in case you want an Ear Buds.

Ear Buds

1. Apple AirPods (latest)

The latest and the most excited Apple AirPods which are cord-free, and gives you the freedom to listen to music without a jack. The AirPods are designed in such a way that you can easily switch devices without any issues. Its gives an exclusive function of “hey Siri” that means you don’t have to worry about tapping on AirPods to change the song or increase or decrease the volumes and other functions. Pair them easily with your new iPhone just in a few seconds for $159.

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2. Beats Powerbeats Pro

The newly launched Beats Powerbeats Pro with a class-leading battery life along with the great design. This time slimmer and weighs less. And the best factor is no wires all around. This feature gives comfy to your ears, and you will love to listen to more and more music. Buy it for $250.

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The Best Cases & Screen Gaurd

1. Otterbox Pop Symmetry Case

Keep your iPhone 11 firmly in your hand with the integrated Otterbox pop symmetry case that gives undying protection. It provides you with drop protection and is compatible with the busy of your iPhone. Available in many new designs and raised screen bumper to outlook your style. Don’t sacrifice your style for protection and buy Otterbox pop symmetry case for $60. The second case you can’t miss for your iPhone if you want the best thing to maintain the grip of your phone, here it is.

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2. CatTongue the Original Grip

Grip, along with the fun and beauty of your iPhone. CatTongue the Original Grip is designed with the aim to have the protection of your iPhone along with the looks of the case. They are water-resistant and protects the iPhone just like your wallet. Purchase it for $15. Now, when we are talking about needy accessories then, how can we forget about eh protective screen which is a must. It’s always challenging to keep the iPhone without a protective screen for it. So get yourself the protective screen specialized for iPhone.

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3. Belkin Screenforce Invisiglass Ultra

Belkin Screenforce Invisiglass Ultra delivers you the best protection for your screen like no that glass can give. This Belkin Invisglass is the premium glass specially designed for all the versions of iphone11 to have the highest level of scratch security for your iPhone. This is a protective screen with more innovation with superior quality. This time, it gives you good condition and is more durable. Have this flawless protective screen for $40.

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A Headphone Adapter

1. Apple Lightning-to-Headphone Adapter

With Apple Lightning-to-Headphone Adapter has all-new experience with all new features now. Get it for $9 beforehand. Don’t get late; otherwise, the cost will go up to $13.

Wireless Charger for your iPhone.

1. Mophie Charge Stream Pad+

The Mophie Charge Stream Pad+ is a high-quality sleek pad that keeps your iPhone at the same place it was when you saved it. Thus, it provides support and grip to your iPhone. The charging time for it is around 3 hours to charge fully.  It has a 10 W charge rating for you so that the phone will charge faster without wire clinches. Purchase it online for $60.

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2. Apple 30W Power Adapter

If you want fast charging for iPhone 11, iPhone 11max, and iPhone 11 max. Get a power adapter with the cable. Have a speed up charging with this Apple 30W Power Adapter and get this for $50. Store everything in an apple SD Card Adapter and make it easy for you.

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SD Card Adapter

1. Apple Lighting SD Card Reader

The Apple Lighting SD Card Reader allows you to launch the data in your iPhone automatically and that too at high resolution. So, transfer the pictures without the distortion of the quality of your images and have a full digital view. You know wants is the most impressive feature of the Apple lightning SD card reader?  You don’t have to wait for long while transferring the images, and this just happens quickly. Get this quick reader for $29 and move all the file formats in a sec. New Favorites Wallet designed for keeping the iPhone safe and that too with style, how about that.

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Designer Wallets

Moment Crossbody Wallet

Mostly iPhone never fits in pockets, and even if it fits it gets a little tight and messy and who wants to keep their iPhone so severely. So when you don’t keep your iPhone 11 in your pocket doesn’t mean you have to carry it in your hand, here you have Moment CrossBody Wallet with you. This gives the convenience to carry your iPhone and protects its body, and it is safe because of its elastic band and microfiber-lined pockets. Get yourself a carrying wallet for your iPhone for $55.

So, you know all the accessories for your iPhone. Get all the accessories and enjoy more with your iPhone.

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