Best iPhone 11 Cases 2020 – 11 Pro Max Covers

Have you bought a new iPhone? It’s too difficult to carry it without a case as they are too slippery and unwieldy. The largest iPhone11, 11 Pro, and 11 Max are in the market. And people are mad over it. So, before you break your iPhone, here we are to give you the best cases that are budget-friendly as well as beautify your iPhone more.

Generally, people are fond of covers that are slim and protect the iPhone.

List of Best Cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max:

Do you want a new classy cover case for your new iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max? Here are the best options you can go for.

1. Speck Presidio Stay Clear – Top-notch clear case

If you want a translucent cover then, Speck Presidio Stay Clear is the best option you can choose. This case has outstanding quality and will not turn yellowish and dirty after some time. It will adequately protect you’re your iPhone. The best quality of Speck Presidio Stay Clear is that it has antibacterial property.

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2. Otterbox Symmetry – Best slim Otterbox case

The best quality Otterbox case provides super protection to all the iPhone 11 versions, and that too it is weightless and slimmer one. It is available in many colors such as Symmetry Clear and plus pop.

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3. Gear4 cases – Stylish, slim, protective

Zagg cases have been made with a feature of shock-absorbing. So, you don’t have to sacrifice protection to keep it beautiful. It has been built in the US.

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4. Speck Presidio Pro

Speck’s Presidio Pro has been designed in such a way that it has Microban antimicrobial technology. It is available in many color options and is very soft. This cover is very slim and a lot with that it provides high protection to your iPhone. It has been tested the drop by 4m.

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5. Life proof – Clear protection

Life proof as the name describes is too protective for your iPhone and has accurate cut-outs for an attractive look, proper button covers that make it easy to charge or connect earpieces. Now life proof is owned by Otterbox and has adorable covers for all the versions of the iPhone 11. The life proof cases are available in different designs and colors, and now the flip covers are also available.

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6. Moshi iPhone X Case – Classy slim case

Moshi just like its name its cases are also beautiful and modern. Moshi produces classy and excellent quality cases with a great screen protector.  For your convenience, you can buy the Moshi cover that has a flap to keep your cards and cash, just like a wallet.

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7. Pelican iPhone Case

Earlier the pelican covers were very bulky, and thus people were not fond of them much. But now it has developed a new style which is quite slim and weightless and attractive.

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8. Speck Presidio Grip for iPhone X/Xs

Speck’s Presidio Grip Series is the best cover option precisely for the iPhone 11.

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9. Swanky leather option

Nomad cases have developed a new rugged case which is available in two colors- brown and black. The case is tested 2m drop, and also its water resistance is checked.

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10. Case-Mate – iPhone XR Case

As its name says all about it, colourful cases just for your fun. Case-Mate makes attractive cases in different colors and patterns such as glittery, snow globe effects, pictures, etc.  These designs make it eye-catching. Not only the look is good, but yes, it is good quality and protective.

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11. Silk Smartish Cases

The Smartish cases are tough, slim, and maintain grip. Along with that, it gives the wallet look cases to hold three cards and cash as well in the case only.

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12. X-Doria Defense Series

If you want your iPhone to look more stylish but also want to have drop protection. Along with that, it costs affordable.

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13. Razer Arctech

Razor has brought up new “gaming” cases for the iPhone 11. The cases have a heat-trapping feature that keeps it cool and allows airflow.  The gaming feature of the cases gives you an excellent graphic experience which makes you feel gimmick.

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14. Tech21

Tech21 has developed cases in different colors and styles which are translucent and give glittery effects, these cases are thinner as compared to others, but yes they cost less also. The covers are made to enhance your grip and safeguard your screen

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15. Grip2U Boost

If you want to make a good grip for your iPhone and make it safe. Then go for Grip2U that provides you a feature to have a kickstand for your iPhone. These covers are available in two colors, black and white. Ou can purchase the grip bands of your choice to customize the look.

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16. Tech21 Evo Wallet

Tech21’s Evo Wallet has designed the cases with magnetic latch and also a lot to carry the cards and cash in the case. You can also convert your Evo case into a stand when you watch a show or any video. The cases have been checked up to 3-4 meters of fall.

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17. Casetify iPhone X Case

Casetify’s cases are very well designed and attractive featured with its sleek body style. They look really eye-catching. And mostly they attract teenagers because of their youthful and appealing look.

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18. Gear4 Oxford Eco Folio

The smart design of gear4 Oxford Eco Folio cases is made to give rugged full protection to your iPhone screen. They are scratch-resistant, thin, and lightweight and also converts into a viewing stand for your watching convenience.

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19. Griffin Survivor iPhone XR Case

Griffin’s Survivor Series is slim covers with full protection to your iPhone, and now they are available for the best price.

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20. Incipio Aerolite Extreme

Incipio Aerolite Extreme offers you the new style cases for all the versions of the iPhone 11. They come in three shade to choose from that are translucent plain, sea blue, and black. These cases have been checked with drops for protecting the iPhone’s screen.

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Now have the best options to choose from. Then buy the best ones for your screen of iPhone.

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