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People who want to share content around the home must be aware of Kodi. This software comes with a number of addons. But before we talk about the addons we need to know some important things about Kodi. This is a program that is used to stream media content. Since this is an open source programme it is free for us.

Best Kodi Addons

It was first known as Xbox Media Centre. From 2014 it is known as Kodi. It can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi.

How Kodi works:

The interface of Kodi is similar to that of smart TV. This software can work with local as well as network storage services. When it comes to music Kodi can work with different formats like AAC, MP3, and OGG. It has playlists and one can also tag different tracks. Kodi can stream video content over the internet. It works with different formats like ISO, 3D, H.264, etc. After importing the films one can add trailers, posters, etc. You can also use Kodi along with TV shows. This section will give you a description of the TV shows as well as about the actors. The user can also import and store personal pictures and run them in the form of a slideshow with the help of Kodi. One can also record and run live TV along with Kodi.

Kodi has been designed in such a way that you can use it on different operating systems and on different devices. You can use Kodi on your set-top box, Xbox One, and other streaming devices. Once you have Kodi on one of your devices you will see that you get the option to choose music, video, etc. The user can store the content of choice locally or on a network drive. The user can then access it from home or from somewhere else. Kodi will create a catalog of all the content that you have stored on the devices where you have installed the software. You can even connect your remote control with this software.

Best Way to get Kodi:

We have already mentioned that this is open-source software. So you can download it for free. Once you have downloaded the software you can install it on a compatible device of your choice. If you want it for home use then you can install it on the set-top box. If you are on the move then you can install it on your tablet or on your smartphone.

Installing Windows on Kodi is much easier as compared to Mac. There is only one installation option in the case of windows. In the case of Mac the installer is a tad bit complicated. Linux users can install Kodi from the website of kodi or they can install it through a terminal. They can even make use of Kodi ubuntu. Andriod users can download Kodi from Google Playstore. You can install Kodi on ipad or iphone but this can be a little difficult as compared to Andriod. One of the best devices where you can install kodi is the Raspberry Pi.

For a better experience make use of Kodi Addons:

There are a number of addons that improve the overall experience of using Kodi. There are add-ons that have been developed by independent users and they have nothing to do with XBMC. Many TV channels that can be added as add-ons. Some add-ons will keep you in sync with the social media world. There are add-ons that will let you stream podcasts etc.

List of Best Kodi addons in 2019:

1. Version 8 of Exodus:

This has not been developed by the original developer of Exodus. It has been developed by a new developer who is known as Kodi Bae. The user can choose from different movies and television shows. There are filter options. It has Trakt integration. The addon helps you check out what is playing on popular TV channels. It also lets the user watch the latest movies.

2. The Magic Dragon:

This addon also lets the user check out the shows on TV and the latest movies. This addon can also be used by sports enthusiast as well as by people who listen to radio channels. This addon depends on third party sources.

3. HDHomeRun LiveTV and DVR:

This addon will find all the different devices that are compatible with the user’s network. It will show the available channels.  It has an episode guide where the user can check what is playing on a particular channel and which programme is up next. The addon has a DVR option which lets you record your favourite shows and watch them later.

4. PS Vue:

This is a TV service. It is compatible with different devices. The user can watch TV, sports, movies without cable or satellite subscription. You can record a number of episodes of your favorite TV show with this addon. One can purchase premium channels.

5. Pluto.TV:

Pluto has more than 100 channels of different genres like sports, news, etc. With the help of the addon, you can watch Pluto TV for free.

6. SoundCloud:

This is a music and podcast streaming platform. If you have this add-on then you will have access to a number of songs from across the globe.

7. Crackle:

If you are a fan of web shows then you must be aware of Crackle. This is a video streaming distributor of web shows, Hollywood movies, and TV shows. The owner of Crackle is Sony Pictures Entertainment.

8. FilmOn Simple:

If you have been looking out for options where you can watch educational movies then this is one of the best options. It has around 40 different categories. It has options for movies, documentaries, live TV programs, and other options.

9. Filmrise:

This is an official Kodi add-on. There are a number of movies that you can watch using Filmrise. They provide regular updates.

10. Entertain Me:

As the name suggests this add-on is for entertaining people. Here you will find different movies and TV shows. Here you can see the latest releases.

11. Sports 365:

If you are a sports buff then this add-on is for you. This is one of the best ways to see live sports. When you open this add-on you will get to see the list of today’s games. You can choose and watch the game of your choice by using this add-on.

12. Planet MMA:

This addon has content like UFC, martial arts, etc. It has more than 30 content categories. Here you can watch live programs, on-demand videos, PPV events, etc.

13. Red Bull Tv:

This is an official add-on of Kodi. This is one of the best options for those who like to watch sports that have plenty of adventure. It has live TV channels and on-demand video.

14. Fox Sports Go:

This is a well-known option for sports lovers. It has live TV and on-demand videos. This official Kodi add-on is available on a number of popular platforms.

15. Original:

This is a new Kodi add-on that is been released recently. It has content from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. It has a huge collection of content from major streaming platforms.

16. Limitless:

This is one addon where you will find a variety of content. Here you will find movies, TV shows, cartoons, live sports, IPTV channels, etc. Each category has sub-categories. So there is plenty of options available.

17. Atlas movies:

This addon is for movie lovers. People who love movies from India, China, Thailand, and South Korea must opt for this addon.

18. Death from above:

This is kind of all in one addon. There are options for movies, TV shows, sports, kids program, etc. This addon has been created by a developer called Falcon.

Now that you know about some of the addons let us check the legality aspect of Kodi:

Some of you may be wondering if Kodi is legal. It must be noted that yes it is legal. You can download it and use it for your entertainment in a legal way. The problem occurs when the addons distribute copyrighted content illegally or show pirated content. So, one needs to check out these aspects.

Kodi is safe to use. The issues with your hardware may occur due to certain inappropriate add-ons and not due to Kodi. So before you download any add-on you need to check the quality of the add-on. You can check about the add-ons on different forums.

Kodi is surely one of the best options for those who want to stream movies, TV shows, music, pictures etc on all the devices of their home. The user only needs to make sure that he opts for the right add-ons that are legal. So have a great time entertaining yourself by downloading Kodi which is compatible with different platforms and different devices.

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