15 Best Kodi Builds 2019 – Updated & No Buffering

Which is that one open-source program that can be used to stream movies, live TV, music etc? It is Kodi. This is one software which is compatible with several different devices and a number of different platforms. Kodi can be used for streaming live media content. It can stream music in different formats like AAC, MP3, and OGG and it can stream video content in different formats like ISO, 3D, H.264, etc. There are several addons available which can be used so that you can have a better experience while using Kodi.

Kodi is a legal software but the problem can begin when you make use of addons that are not the official Kodi addons and ones which promote copyrighted content and pirated content. So, one needs to choose the addons discretely. When we talk about Kodi there is one more term that comes up and that is Kodi Builds. So what exactly are these Builds and what is their exact use?

best kodi builds

Details about Kodi Builds:

These are one step installation set up that has different add-ons, themes, and skins. The build is to Kodi what Custom ROM is to Android. You can call it a collection of addons that are preinstalled at a single place. All that the user has to do is download the Build and install it on the device. Once you download the build you will get different addons along with different Kodi skins and interfaces. There is a long list of Kodi Builds that have been developed by different developers from across the globe.

List of the Best Kodi Builds in 2019:

1. Lobo Kodi Build:

Available in one nation Repository this is one of the fastest Kodi builds. It is said to have good performance.  You can use it for firestick, Roku, Android TV boxes and other low RAM devices. The size of this build is approximately 156 MB. It has updated scrappers and addons. This is one of the best builds for those who like PPV matches. Every content has 10 different sources. It surely has very good performance quality.

2. Turbo Kodi Build:

This is one of the best Builds for people who are using Kodi on PC. This build is available in the Turboj repository. The size of this Build is 260 MB. The interface of this Build is similar to Kodi Jarvis. A large number of addons have been integrated into this build. The performance of this build is found to be really very good. The installation of this build can be done through TurboJ TV Wizard. This build is available in 2 versions. These are the normal version and the lite version. Firestick users must make use of the Lite version. The different categories available in this Build are movies, TV shows, Sports, Live TV, kids, music, and apps. It comes with multi scrappers features.V3.0 is the latest version and it has some of the best Kodi addons.

3. Stealth Kodi build:

If you are making use of Firestick and Andriod TV boxes then you must make use of this build. It works very well on both these devices. The build can be downloaded from SG wizard which is available in SG repository. The size of this build is 264 MB. The 3 available versions are ultimate, atripid, and stealth. Ultimate can be used in the case of PC and laptops and as already mentioned Stealth is for firestick and Android TV box users. The interface is similar to Kodi Jarvis version. The scrapping speed of this build is very good. This build has huge content. Around 10 to 15 addons have been integrated into this build. It has different sections like movies, TV shows, music, sports, Kids, IPTV, etc. The speed and the streaming quality is awesome.

4. Xontech Light Kodi Build:

This build is from AJ repository and the size of this build is 371 MB. This is a lightweight build and it provides good IPTV services. Different versions of this build are available. Ideally one must go for the light version. This build has a number of different categories. You will find lots of new content in the TV section of this build. This build is also recommended for Sports lovers. With the help of this build, you can stream live TV Sports and other PPV contents.

5. Aeon Tesla Kodi Build:

You will find this build in Tesla builds repository and the size of this build is around 150 MB. Wizard installation is not available in the case of this build. You have to use zip file installation to install this build. The default skin of this build is Aeon skin. But you can customize this build based on your choice. This build also has very good performance. As compared to other builds the numbers of addons integrated into this build are less. But this build has a number of official addons. The paid and free links are segregated by the scrappers. This build is useful for those users who want to watch movies and TV content.

6. Titanium Kodi build:

This is considered as one of the best Kodi builds and it is available in the supreme build repository. The content and the features of this build are very good. This build has a number of addons of different categories. Addons like Neptune Rising, Bob Unleashed, Goodfellas, The Pyramid, Limitless IPTV, Placenta, Cartoon Crazy etc are available in this category. The user can get paid and free IPTV services in this build. Streams from exodus, covenant, and other famous addons etc are available in this build. This build also lets you access Terrarium TV, Android APK, Mobdro, and Plex.

7. Durex Kodi build:

This build is considered to be one of the top 3 builds. It has a size of 360 MB. This lightweight build has a number of advantages. This build has a number of addons that are already installed in it. This includes Placenta, Neptune Rising, Uranus, Genesis Reborn, Argon live Tv, Skynet, Pure sports Kodi etc. A number of new updates have been added to this build. This includes some scrapers which help in getting additional links of popular content. This build has user-friendly interface and has content like Movies, TV shows, Sports, and Live IPTV.

8. No Limits Magic Build:

This build has Aeon Nox 5 Silver Skin and a unique interface. It has a number of useful addons. The addons that are available in this build are Covenant, Bennu, BOB Unleashed, Elysium, Quantum, and Stream Army. The No limits wizard can be used to install this build. The addon list of this build has all the popular categories that a user will normally want.

9. Xenon Kodi build:

This build is available in the Diggz repository and you can install it using the Diggz wizard. This build has 3D and 4K movie streams. This build has a large number of addons which includes fantastic, maverick, Skynet. bob unleashed Elysium, stream hub, UK Turk’s movies, etc. This build has a weather widget. This build has maintenance options for performance optimization of Kodi. This build has a number of different sections and features. Some of the sections that this build has are movies, TV shows, Live TV, sports, music, streams, favorite, your library, android apps, kids zone, addons, settings, and explore.

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10. Fire TV Guru Kodi build:

This build makes use of Xonfire skin. This build is available on fire TV guru repository and it can be installed using fire TV wizard. This build mainly focuses on categories like movies, TV shows, Live TV, sports, and kids corner. As compared to other builds this build has fewer addons.

11. Misfit Mods Lite Build:

This is a simple build. It has lots of content. It has customised menus. You can make use of different addons using this build and the addons can be updated regularly. This build works with Kodi 17.6 Krypton, Kodi 18 Leia (up to v18.3).

12. Kodi Collusion:

This is a lightweight build. The size of this build is around 200 MB. This build is simple but it has very good performance.  A number of addons work with this build. You will find lots of streaming content in the case of this build.

13. FuryX Kodi Build:

The user interface of this build that works with Kodi 17.6 Krypton is good. The size of this build is around 180 MB. You can install this build using Indominus Wizard. It has many sections. This includes movies, TV shows, kids content, TV programs, etc.

14. Nova Build:

This is a basic build. You can install it using the Simple build wizard. It has normal content options. This includes movies, TV, sports content, etc.

15. EPIC build:

This too is a simple build with several common options like movies, TV, etc. This build has a wide range of content that you can stream with ease.

Choose and install the build of your choice at the earliest so that you can have access to a number of addons.

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