10 Best Survey Sites that helps you to Earn Money

Are you looking out for options that will help you make some money from the comfort of your home? Then one thing that you must surely try is doing surveys. There are some good websites where your opinion might matter. In return, you will get a few dollars.

Yes, you can earn money from surveys but it will not be a huge sum. But it will surely help you collect money using which you might be able to buy that new dress or even enjoy a scrumptious dinner with loved ones.

List of Best Websites that will Pay You for Doing Surveys

1. InboxDollars:

The website pays the customers in cash and not in points. You are supposed to complete online activities like doing surveys and in return, you can earn money. For signing up you are going to earn $5 instantly. Once you have signed up you can earn money by doing surveys. Besides surveys, it has other money making options like earning money by replying to emails or for watching online videos, etc.

2. Swagbucks:

This happens to be one of the most popular websites for online surveys. You will get Swagbucks that is points for completing surveys. You can later redeem these points in the form of cash through PayPal or in the form of gift cards that you can use for shopping. Yes but you can earn the points only if you complete the survey. You will be allowed to complete the survey only if you qualify for the same. This you will get to know when you start doing the survey. There are other methods of earning money on this site. You get $5 as sign up bonus. You also earn money if you shop from affiliate websites. You can also earn money for watching videos, playing games, etc.

3. Prize Rebel:

This website gives details about the amount of money that they have given to their clients. This is not a scam website and they pay their clients. For earning $1 you have to earn 100 points. You can redeem the points through PayPal. You can redeem the points in Bitcoins and also in the form of Gift Cards.

4. Vindale Research:

This is a legitimate website which has been around for many years. You can sign up for free on this website. They have traditional surveys which can help you earn money. They also pay for doing evaluations of products that are available online. For online surveys, you can earn around $1 to $ 5. For testing the products you can earn $ 5 or even more. This website gives rewards for opening the advertisements that are sent by them to your email id or for watching advertisements etc. You can do shopping using their affiliate links.

5. PineCone Research: 

This is also a website where you can earn by completing surveys. But there is one difference between this website and other survey websites. Here you cannot sign up directly. For joining it is mandatory to get an invitation to join the website. Once you have signed up then there are a number of lucrative things that you can do here. You can earn minimum $ 3 for completing surveys. For product testing, you can get up to $ 6. They send questionnaires to check if one qualifies for the survey. The website can also remove members if they feel that they do not fit into their criteria.

6. Global test market:

This also happens to be a well-known website for surveys. They do give out money to the clients who complete the surveys and hence one can rest assured that this is a legitimate website. They have surveys for a wide range of products. So one will surely find some survey in which they can participate and make money or get Amazon gift card codes.

7. MySurvey:

This is one website which is said to have surveys on a number of interesting topics. So one can be rest assured that they will find something on this website. If you qualify for a survey then you have a chance of earning points in the range of 10 to 500. The points will depend on the type of survey that you have opted for. Every month they have sweepstakes. In these 10 members who fill up, surveys regularly are selected randomly and they are given 1000 points each. This website also has an app for Apple as well as Android users using which they can fill up the surveys. 1200 points are equivalent to $10.

8. Opinion Outpost:

This is one survey website that lets the member redeem the money really fast. On successful completion of the surveys, you will earn money that you claim once you have collected a few dollars. On this website, 10 points are equivalent to $1. The surveys can take around 15 to 30 minutes. If you get 100 points it means you have got $10. You are allowed to claim this $10 on this website.

9. Toluna:

This website too will give you points for completing surveys. You can get the money through Paypal or you may even opt for cash vouchers. If you are willing to claim certain prizes then you will be allowed to use the money early. You have to earn a whopping 60000 points and only after that, you can get a cash voucher of $12. In case you are ready to claim a prize then you can do so even with mere 500 points. They also give points for product evaluations.

10. Cashcrate:

This website is a good option for US users. Here you can make money by completing traditional surveys. You also opt for the paid as well as free offers to score some points. You can make money and win prizes for watching videos of advertisements and for playing fames. You can also earn money if you successfully refer a friend.

These are some of the websites that can help you earn some cash for completing surveys.

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