Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 11 Pro (2019) | Reviews & Ratings

Technology makes us smarter every day. We live in a world that is all about practicality and utility. As the iPhone is a smart gadget itself so we need to use it in the coolest way, flaunting with a good wallet case is the easiest way to do so. By using a wallet case you can keep your cards and ID proof along with some money which reduces the unnecessary bulk of your money bag.

  • If you feel boar by using the traditional wallet, you can select an iPhone wallet case that gives you the smartest solution and protect your device from damage.
  • If you are looking for the best wallet case for your latest iPhone, you have come to the right place. Here we discuss the features, benefits and market review of the best quality wallet case for your iPhone.

Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 11 Pro :

Preview Product Name Details Check Price
#1 #1
  • Pros:Sim card holder with pin
  • Cons:Difficult to install and remove
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#2 #2
  • Pros:Slim design
  • Cons:Cannot feet more than 2 cards easily
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#3 #3
  • Pros:Wrist strip
  • Cons:High Cost
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#4 #4
  • Pros:Affordable Price & Support wireless charging
  • Cons:Artificial leather
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#5 #5
Otter box Starder
  • Pros:Military-grade protection
  • Cons:Difficult to install & remove, High Price
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#6 #6
Twelve South BookBook 
  • Pros:Genuine leather, Looks like a book
  • Cons:High Cost
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#7 #7
  • Pros:Aesthetic looks and easy to install
  • Cons:Availability is not so good in the market
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#8 #8
  • Pros:Bright color option and funky design
  • Cons:Artificial leather
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  • Bellroy
  • Spigen
  • YouCover
  • Arae
  • Otter box Starder
  • Twelve South BookBook
  • Damondy
  • Vabrus

From the market review and customer response, we can able to list the 8 best wallet cases for your device.

1. Bellroy – iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

Bellroy case is one of the best premiums looking wallets with chamfered edges and a soft microfiber lining. You can keep 3 cards in the cardholders and the wallet is made with certified leather, luxe, and polymer. The wallet also has a sim card holder along with an ejector pin. The woven fabrics are also used to produce the product to expand its durability. The company provides you 3 years warranty period against the product.

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2. Spigen iPhone 11 Case

The company manufactured its produced affordable premium cases for iPhone 11 pro. Spigen mainly made from the premium quality synthetic leather which has the touch and feels like the original. The case provides you with the slot where you can keep the total 3 cards. It also provides you with additional space for storing some cash. The lightweight of the case creates more attraction among the customers. It is easy to fit your device and keep your phone safe also in pressure.

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3. Shieldon

Shieldonwallet case mainly designed for iPhone 11 pro. The wallet comes to the market with an integrated kickstand. The brand YouCover provides you with four slots to keep your cards. In this wallet, you can also keep some cash in a different slot. The flip cover protects your phone from damage and dust. The case has a special combination of modern and retro style outlook. The special thing about the product is a wrist strap attached to the case. You can easily carry the gadget with a special style statement.

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4. Arae iPhone 11 Case

If you have butterfingers, then the Arae Wallet is best for you. It has a detachable wrist strap that transforms your case into a durable lanyard. The case made from best quality PU leather and this leather case do not compromise its quality, standard and strength. If you think you can easily detach the strap from your wallet.  You can keep 4 cards in different slots and another pocket which helps you to store ID cards along with other essential cards and cash. A strong magnet stay close to keep your documents securely until it opens deliberately.

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5. Otter box Starder

Otter box starder wallet case gives you strong security and great protection. Every type of iPhone case which are produced by Otterbox is highly protected from different types of physical issues. Otterbox manufactured Starda series, especially for high protection. In this wallet, you can keep 3 cards in different slots and a few folded paper bills. Still, the wallet remains slim and flat. All kinds of wallets of Otter box are manufactured by using genuine reinforced leather for extra protection. Along with the facilities, the wallet does very tight fit on the device and difficult to install and remove frequently.

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6. Twelve South BookBook

The brand Twelve South BookBook is popular for its best quality accessories for the iPhone. Their beautiful wallet is exceptional. It manufactured by genuine leather and it is velvety to touch. The backside of the wallet case looks like a leather-bound book. When you leave the device on the table it looks like exactly like a book. The interesting thing about it is that the cover comes in separate two parts. You can keep 4 cards in individual slots. A strong magnet helps you to attach and detach the cover protectively. The wireless charging facility does not work when the case attached to the device. Otherwise the overall get up of BookBook wallet is attractive among the customers.

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7. Damondy

If the sense of aesthetics pleases you then you should take a Damondy wallet for your favorite iPhone 11 pro. I can say undoubtedly that the wallet should touch you emotionally. It is designed with some beautiful Aztec and elephant embossing. The wallet allows keeping up to 4 cards along with some cash and small paper slips. It is designed with high-quality material to protect your phone fully from any type of scratching, dust, and dropping. This wallet case gives you friendly access to different operations, speakers and ports without any disturbance.

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8. Vabrus

If you attracted by various colors in the place of boring and ordinary wallet cases, I suggest you collect Vabrus embossed wallet. With the precise stitching, it certainly attracts by its standard of trends and fashion. The wallet has various color options like purple, pink and turquoise with embossed butterfly design on the flap cover. You can store three cards in the slots including ID proof along with some cash. A press lock button ensures the security of our documents and money to provide safety. The bumper sides of the case will keep the phone protected from scratches, damages and bumps.

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Final Words:

If you searching for standard leather case for your iPhone which feels like a wallet and holds your cards, ID proof along with some cash. We would like to recommend you the Twelve South’s BookBook is the best option for you. It has a gorgeous get up with genuine leather and a detachable folio cover. BookBook can also hold up your standard of choice in front of others. Though the price rate of the brand is quite high there is no other option which is exactly like that.

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