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Would you like to setup Chromecast in the right way? Are you having any issues while configuring the Google Chromecast for Mac, iOS devices or with Windows PC? Then here I’m to solve the problems that you need to clear before using the Google cast feature. I assume that you already have the device with you to stream the content from PC or mobile to the more significant screen available with this casting device. But in the case, if you don’t know what the Chromecast can do, let me tell you about it at a glance.

If you look at the name itself, you might probably get to know the functionality of the device. You can browse the content (Chrome browser do) and stream (Cast) it to the bigger screen. There are many other points you can take advantage of this impressive piece of hardware, and one among them is screencasting from the laptop or a computer. Although you might experience some lag between the input operations if you look at the price point of view, this will surely replace the expensive projectors.

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Setup Chromecast on TV: Guide

There are different ways to setup the Google Chromecast on your TV using a MacBook, iPhone/iPad or even with the Android Smartphone. All you need to download the compatible application from the respective stores if you prefer to configure Google Chromecast through a Smartphone (iOS/Android). Also, it is suggested to take advantage of your Laptop or a Windows computer to setup Chromecast without even having the app utility. You may even find various tutorials on YouTube about the instructions, but you won’t find the updated procedure anywhere except here. Whether you are using the first generation device or Chromecast 2, here the steps you need to follow.

How Do I Setup My Chromecast on Mac?

To set up the Google Chromecast on Mac computer, you first need to have the quality WiFi connection and the latest Chrome browser. Once you have those, just go through the below-mentioned steps to manage Chromecast Audio or Video devices. Even Google has their dedicated help center to solve the related questions, but here you may find better support for the queries you have.

Step 1. Firstly, connect the device to one of the HDMI port of the TV using the extension cable and power it up with the USB cable or adapter. Also, make sure that the Laptop and the Google Chromecast to be on the same WiFi network.

Step 2. Now, open Chrome web browser and visit You can do this process from any OS platform like Mac or Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7. I’m here using a MacBook Pro to setup Chromecast via

Step 3. Once you’re at the Chromecast Setup webpage, find the WiFi signal broadcasting from the TV connected device. Choose it. Check the below image to understand better.

Step 4. When you select the WiFi signal of the Chromecast, you will see a code instantly on both Television and the Laptop. If both are equal, select ‘Next’, then pick the country and name your cast device.

Step 5. Next, choose the nearest wireless network and connect to it. It is must to have the device and the Laptop on the same network. Otherwise, you won’t see the cast icon on the media player whether it might be YouTube or Hotstar.

Step 6. Once connected, open the supported application like JioMovies or HotStar. And start streaming the media content directly on the larger screens.

Use to fix Kodi Error.

Chromecast Device Setup for iPhone:

If you don’t own a laptop like MacBook Air or Windows, there is another method where you can configure the Google Chrome cast from the palm. Let’s see the steps in the series.

Step 1. Assuming that you have connected the casting device to the Television and the local Wifi connection available.

Step 2. Take your Smartphone whether it would be an iPhone/iPad or an Android gadget. Open the browser and visit to download the respective application from the store. You probably download the Chromecast app from the official Apps store.

Step 3. Once installed, connect to the Chromecast WiFi device and launch the Google Home application that was downloaded earlier.

Step 4. On the home screen, you will see the code, and it should be the same that you find on the TV. Choose ‘Next’ when you feel good.

Step 5. Now choose the region then device name and connect it to the available WiFi network.

Step 6. That is it. You can now stream any content from the Smartphone or Internet with the supported applications after the Chrome cast setup.

I hope you set up the Chromecast device by using these steps from both Laptop (Mac or Windows) and Smartphone (iOS or Android). Reach to me if you have any more queries in configuring the Google Chromecast device.

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