How to Cut Music in iMovie?

iMovie is an idea for Apple for the consumer level and video editing program. Apple’s iMovie has been there for an extended period of time because this app lets you enjoy all the video and format it and even optimize it according to your needs. It has always wanted to focus on one character that is the usage of the clean and elegant interface management for the people to use.

And even after so many years, the iMovie hasn’t changed in a bit because it is still a delight to use. And even with the option for cut music imovie, it becomes easier for you to cut all the unwanted music that you want inside your video so that the final product can come out nice.

Features of iMovie Application:

Here is the list of features to use for imovie.

  • There is an automated video editing management.
  • Audio and music can even be edited here.
  • HD and 4K video support and high-end reach for the people.
  • Video color and format settings.
  • Crop and even rotate your video clips.
  • Stabilization of your moving videos.
  • Video effects and transition which can be used.
  • Video speed can now be changed from fast to slow.
  • Clip browser is activated.
  • Timeline management.
  • Photo and music import from and to your system.
  • Pre-built themes and even backdrop settings for your app.
  • Real timing tilting for your video.
  • Open multiple projects which can be done simultaneously.

How can you cut your music in iMovie?

It is often seen that when you are trying to cut music somewhere, then there are primary hurdles that you have to pass. This entirely depends on the software and the application that you are using for yourself. Editing can be a big issue for the people and those who are starting it for the first time. So we are here to break down some necessary and simple steps to cut music imovie so that you can edit all your videos like a pro now.

Cut the music in the media window:

Here are the steps for trimming your music in the media window. Trimming is a common term used by editors to cut the unwanted music from their videos.

  • Make sure that you highlight the clip that you have to cut and then drag it to the edges.
  • Next, make sure that you drag the trimmed clip into the timeline and drop.

Cut the Music in the Timeline:

Next is that you can cut music imovie with the help of the imovie timeline that is presented to you. Here are some of the steps which are demonstrated for you.

  • Drag the playhead to the desired frame that you want to cut. This should be the exact frame that you want to cut out.
  • Right-click and then select the time for the playhead option. This can be depicted when you right-click over it.

Can you redefine your audio settings?

Now that you know how to cut music imovie, there are ways you can even redefine your audio. These are the necessary skills you need to learn to make sure that you can enhance the audio performance for your video that you are using. Suppose you have recorded a video and don’t want the audio in the background to be played. You can, either way, cut it or redefine it so that it becomes another sound. Cutting music in imovie is extensively simple to do and understand at the same time. If you become a pro-level editor, then it will come easy to you.

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