Can We Get Free Paypal Money in 2019?

The online financial service PayPal is used by people to pay and receive money. One can link their bank account or debit card or credit card with it. As for the transaction charges in some cases, there is no transaction fee levied. But it depends on the type of transaction.

Now money will get credited to your account only when someone transfers it to you. But who will not want to get free money in their PayPal account? All of us will want free money. The question is whether this is possible. Let us explore the probable possibilities of getting free money in your PayPal account.

Multiple Ways for Getting Free PayPal Money [2019]

  • Try out websites like SwagBucks:

Websites like SwagBucks will give you points when you take part in their promotional activities or complete certain tasks. These points can be exchanged for rewards like free PayPal credits.

  • Take surveys:

Do you know that there is a chance to get Paypal credits by giving your opinion? All that you have to do is complete a few online surveys. On completion of the surveys, the website will reward points. These points can help you get Paypal credits in your Paypal account.

  • Try getting PayPal Gift Cards:

There are some websites like PointPrizes which will give you points when you avail to some offers that they are offering. When you have collected around 3000 points on this website then you can exchange these points for PayPal Gift card. Then there are certain apps which can also help you get free PayPal credits. One such app is Nanaweb. One needs to download the app and then watch the available videos. For this, you will get some points which can later be exchanged for PayPal Gift cards.

There is one app called PanelApp which you have to run in the background of your phone. It will collect some details from your location. You will keep earning points and this, in turn, can be exchanged for PayPal Gift card. The app SweatCoin will give you points for walking. Depending on how many steps you have taken in a day you will get reward points which are known as Sweatcoins. These points can later be exchanged for PayPal Gift cards.

  • Online shopping can also help you:

There are some websites which will reward you for doing online shopping. When you do online shopping then you will get points which can be exchanged for Paypal credits.

  • You may also try PointsPrizes:

The website PointsPrizes also gives you rewards points for completing certain chores. You can share referral links and earn points. You can watch advertisements and earn points on this website. You can finally exchange the points for Paypal credits.

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Can you get Paypal Credit for doing nothing?

Overall you will find that only after doing certain tasks you are able to earn points. It is these points that you can exchange for Paypal credits. But sometimes you might come across some websites or links that will claim that you can get the credits for free. They will ask you to simply give your details or email id or they may ask you to download software.

Now you need to be very careful. The software that they are asking you to download might be a malware which can corrupt your device. It can be a fraud attempt to steal your confidential details.  This could also be a spamming website. When you give them your email id they will send you several spam emails. Some of these emails might have malicious links. So it is better to avoid such suspicious websites.

There are some legal ways of getting free credits in your PayPal account. But for this, you have to complete certain tasks, avail to offers or take surveys or watch advertisements and videos. No one is going to give you free PayPal credits for doing nothing. If you do come across any such offer then the best thing to do is not to accept it. If you are tempted then first cross-verify all the details. There are chances that in your pursuit to earn free money you might end up losing money and confidential information.

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