15+ Best Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Live Online

Sports is what makes millions of people around the world go crazy. Cricket, football, tennis, car racing, you name it and you’ll find sports fanatics around you. For them, the match isn’t just a game, it’s much more and they wouldn’t take anything to miss watching even one on the television live. Sadly in today’s times though, time is what we lack the most, and watching live matches on TV may not always be possible. Meetings, work schedules, or any other commitment might become a hurdle between you and your favorite match being telecast at a certain time.

Well, there’s some good news. You can now watch them live on sports streaming websites. With the power of the Internet has reached every hand through smartphones, iPads, tablets, and laptops, it’s all about clicking a button and start watching all that you like. The biggest advantage – you can watch the game from wherever you are at the time it’s being broadcast live, and you can even record highlights of your favorite matches to watch them later!

List of  15+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites:

free Sports Streaming Sites

Here’s a list of the best sports streaming sites you can start watching from immediately.

1. Fox Sports

This one’s a particular favorite among football lovers. The site streams a number of other live sports as well like soccer, boxing, bowling, golf, tennis, and Olympics, among others. What’s more, it’s all free to watch absolutely live as it happens.

2. Sky Sports

It’s currently one of the largest sports streaming sites on the Internet with live broadcasts free of cost. There’s a high-quality video streaming of all the sports activities on the block.

3. WatchESPN

The website features one of the largest collections of sports activities. The site’s official app is both iPhone and Android-compatible so that you can enjoy all the games anytime anywhere.

4. Yahoo! Sports

Free and live sports streaming at excellent quality, Yahoo! Sports is quite popular among sports fanatics. You can also enjoy ample real-time news and information on a number of your favorite games – football, cricket, golf, boxing, and many more. Enjoy break-free streaming of your game on any device sitting in any part of the world.

5. SonyLiv

You can choose to avail either freemium or premium plans on this site. Try the site for free for a while and you’re sure to subscribe later on to all the HD sports videos streaming live from every part of the globe where the game’s being played. You can easily download the app on your phone and watch whenever you find time from your busy schedule.

6. SportStream.me

This website enables free access to numerous sports channels of your choice. All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to stream live on the go.

7. Sony Pictures Sports Network

This website is based out of India and facilitates easy live streaming of all your favorite sports activities – WWE, football, basketball, cricket, and so much more.

8. Hotstar Sports

Another of the most popular sports streaming websites in India, this one too allows you to watch any game anywhere in the world airing live to you in your home, office, or even on the go in a car, bus, or train. There are several live videos streamed on games and players alike, which you can conveniently choose from featured categories.

9. VIP League

Don’t let the name mislead you; it doesn’t require you to pay anything for watching. It’s a completely free-of-cost service and one of the best on our list. Live sports streaming for a host of games happening in any part of the globe. Just connect your device to the Internet and enjoy live games during a short break.

10. MamaHD

This one has been very popular among hardcore football fans for a number of years. Of course, there are plenty of other games streamed live too, such as basketball, tennis, boxing, and rugby. What’s more, you can even chat with thousands of sport fans like you and share your views about the game.

11. LiveSoccerTV

It needs no explanation; the name is self-explanatory. How sad it feels when you can’t watch your favorite soccer match on the TV because you’re stuck in a traffic jam or on the metro returning home from work? Well, not anymore. Just visit the official web address of the site and fix a date with your favorite game match. You’ll be reminded when the game is on and you can simply watch it online live even on the go.

12. FootyBite

Especially for football lovers around the world, the website has been designed to give you an amazing game-watching experience. The videos are high quality, there are freemium packages available, and you will find everything from live matches to information on past games held and players.

13. Facebook Watch

The largest social media portal isn’t just for keeping in touch; you can now watch a host of live and free games here too. It allows you to watch 1 MLB game per week, besides soccer, women’s basketball, surfing and a number of other sports too. The service may have only a limited number of official streams but allows Facebook users to stream live sports.

14. Laola1

Here you will be able to enjoy a number of unconventional and perhaps lesser popular games as well – hockey, volleyball, table tennis, motorsports, and the like. Although the web service is Austria-based, people from other parts of the world are also allowed access to stream live sports from the service and enjoy watching.

15. Reddit

This one isn’t into hosting sports streams, however, you can find subreddit communities that will take you to links to live streams for every game that’s there. This means that if you are facing trouble to find a live sports stream from official sources, you can come to Reddit and instead look for unofficial streams and still watch your favorite game unmissed.

The site basically allows sports lovers to create their own communities. These are named Subreddits and these users can post links to live sports streams which they might come across on other websites.

Bonus: Willow.tv

If you are fan of cricket and want to stream live cricket then you can opt for Willow.tv. This works perfectly when you are staying in United states or Canada. Willow.tv is paid subscription service, inroder to stream live you need to register for premium membership.

Summing Up

Thanks to the advent of the internet, sports watching is not just limited to sitting on a couch in front of the television for hours without moving an inch. Lives have become busier but that shouldn’t be any excuse to miss your favorite game either. To watch live streaming of sports on any of the above websites and keep enjoying wherever you are.

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