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Every gamer knows of the delights that the Steam Store holds in itself. It is known to have thousands of exciting games on it. The only thing in that scenario which cuts the access to the games in question is the amount of money it requires. This is where we jump in for you see, subtracting the money from this equation is what will serve to make the users happy and that is our top priority here.

Methods to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes:

Read on to find the methods which you can employ to get free Steam Wallet Codes and thereby, get all your beloved games FOR FREE!

#1 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular websites in the GPT website category in the world. This is something that is evident from reviews all over the internet. Suffice to say, it would be a real shame to not use this website to your own benefit. Swagbucks has various methods you can employ to win your rewards (which are called ‘Swags’). The methods you can use to earn them are my survey completion, sharing on social media platforms, promotions, trade-ins even.

Moreover, you can use the apps of this website which you will find are available for Android as well as iPhones. Even other iOs devices can be used to earn free Steam Wallet codes. All you have to do is spend a bit of your free time on that app so that you can earn those codes that you so desperately run after. There are other ways in which you can earn the codes as well. They are as follows:

Search the Internet: Swagbucks Search is a search engine by Swagbucks using which leads to you getting paid in ‘Swags’ every once in a while. Using this search engine to search for something usually results in you earning from 4 to over 100 Swags.

Before you get confused, let us be clear about something: you do not get paid for every single search but it is better than getting paid nothing. Hence, a switch from Bing or Google to earn a few extra bucks isn’t a very shabby idea. It might be slightly slower but it is useful.

Online Videos: Swagbucks also provides you with the ability to simply get paid for watching videos online. Just play the video while you’re preoccupied elsewhere. Seeing as there is no hard and fast rule about you having to actually watch the video, it is a pretty easy thing to it. That in itself will get you 5-10 Swags.

Referrals and Invitations: Use your social media accounts to share the referral link. Be it on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or your own blog- make sure the link reaches people. If it does, you will end up earning reward points on Swagbucks.

How it works is that when the link you shared is used by your friends to sign up, you go on to receive 10% of their life’s earnings on Swagbucks.

#2 Giveaway Websites

Lady Luck is a whimsical lady- you can never know for sure when and where she’ll favor whom. Of course, for the ones who’ve seen themselves generally be on her good side, things get slightly easier. But for the most part and especially since the vast population consists of people not usually favored by her, giveaways become a bit of a gamble where nothing can be promised for sure. Most giveaways usually result in you getting spammed to the brim by emails from them since they require you to give away your email id to them.

However, you can, of course, sign up to those websites and hope for the best. There won’t be giveaways every other week but there will be a variety of them within intervals. They are known to host giveaways for Steam gift cards alongside giveaways for codes of Xbox Live Gold, iTunes, Robux, etc. You can find these websites easily. You just have to use your advanced search for keywords. Just Google ‘gamer giveaways’ and you will find a refined list of websites and communities which will lead you to exactly what you seek.

#3 Use Earnably

This is another GPT site that can be used by people to get Steam Wallet codes from. While Earnably does not have quite the range of tasks that Swagbucks can boast of, it does have a very simple layout. The layout makes it easy for the user to navigate between which task they want to complete and what task they don’t. Here too, a point-based system is used. It is very similar to Swagbucks since here 1 single point is equal to $0.01.

The tasks that you get paid for include watching videos, taking surveys, etc. There is an offer wall up in the site where you can decide what offer you can complete earning the points in question. However, unlike Swagbucks, Earnably does not have in it the option of earning by playing games. Earning by searching on the internet does not work either. That being said, their rates are very similar and their referral program is excellent as well. (You earn 10% of the earnings of the person you referred.)

You have to earn a minimum of 500 points before you can proceed to redeem your points. 500 points will earn you a Steam Wallet code worth $5. You can also save your points so they amount to something bigger and then cash it out for then you end up saving points. For example: Cashing out at $50 will require 4975 points, not 5000.


The Steam store is akin to a treasure trove for the gamers who love to play diverse and interesting games. While the amount of money usually involved in any transaction there is huge, the methods we have listed here will help you find a way around it with ease. Just spend a little more of your time on GPT sites in the stead of Instagram meme pages and you’ll find that your beloved games are very easily accessible to you. Maybe try courting Lady Luck a little and who knows? You can even win a jackpot! Best of luck to you and happy gaming!

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