List of Best Free Video Editing Softwares in 2019

Creating and uploading videos online to promote your services or business is no longer a luxury. It has, in fact, become a necessity for entrepreneurs – big or small. YouTube, Instagram, wherever you name it, people are posting videos to reach out to a million users. The advantage – you get to convey your message to your audience within seconds, convey it much more effectively than simple word content, and it’s free and simple too.

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Now, all of which you have created may not be of use to your audience. After all, we are no professionals and therefore our video-making skills are bound to be limited. It is then that we need the help of professional video editing software, which is easily available online. Plus, it’s free to install so you can get along with creating videos and then edit them before you post them online for your viewers.

Here we present to you a list of some of the best editing software freely available for desktop versions. Note that editing your videos on a PC might be much more convenient than on mobile or other devices.

1. Blender

This is one of the best video editors available for all operating systems – Windows, Mac, and Linux. Though it had originally been designed as a 3D animation suite, its video editing features are liked by many online users.

It’s a perfect tool for beginners, enabling them to perform some basic editing functions like cutting and splicing videos. Meanwhile, professionals too can carry out advanced complex tasks like video masking.

2. Lightworks

Again available easily on all OS, this one comes in both free and premium versions. While the free one is ideal for both beginner and advanced users, those still interested to go for the pro version can avail it on monthly payment.

The free version comes with a host of features such as trimming of videos with absolute precision, Multicam support, export to 720p for YouTube, and compatibility with a number of video formats. Meanwhile, other features like 4K video support for YouTube and Vimeo are only available in the paid version of Lightworks.

3. Shotcut

This one is fully open-source software, meaning that you can access all its features without having to upgrade to a paid version. Just download it online and it’s all set to meet all your video editing needs. The software comes with a variety of tutorial videos for novices. The program is highly used by many for two of its key highlights offered – 4K HD resolution support and timeline editing features.

4. VSDC Free Video Editor

Available only for Windows users, the free version is sufficient for all your basic video editing needs like colour correction and audio editing. Going in for the paid pro version would enable you to further stabilise your images, provide voice over support, and visual waveform.

5. Machete Video Editor Lite

Again available only on Windows platform, it’s one of the simplest to use video editors in the market currently and a perfect start for beginners. You can instantly start performing some simple editing tasks real quick. The only drawback is that the free version does not allow you to edit the audio. You will have to remove the audio tracks entirely. Plus, it only supports AVI and WMV files. For access to all these features and more, you’ll need to switch to the paid version.

6. Avidemux

With a user-friendly interface, this is another of the beginner video editing software online. You can carry out simple cutting of videos, encoding, and filtering. A good place to try your hand at video editing skills if you’re a beginner to the field.

7. HitFilm Express

This comes for Windows and Mac versions only and is more apt for professionals, although it includes all the basic features as well. The free version comes with at least 180 special effects. It also offers video tutorials for help, which are primarily based on popular Hollywood movies, namely Star Wars, and are therefore very interactive and user-engaging. In order to download the software, you’ll be asked to share a status update on social media.

8. DaVinci Resolve

It’s one of the most advanced video editors on this list, offering several professional video features to its users. You can add 2D and 3D titles to your video, master the audio part and correct video colour, wherever required. If you only want to cut, trim, slice, and upload videos, you’ll find its features too advanced and extensive for your needs. But for videos that need a professional look, this is the best.

9. Openshot

Some Mac users may find the software similar to iMovie because of its easy drag-and-drop user interface. But the fact is that Openshot comes with much more features than iMovie, particularly unlimited layers and audio mixing. The software is free and can be openly sourced from any reliable website. Its highlight is the real-time previews for the user when you create transitions between video clips.


Available only on Mac OS, it has a very intuitive drag and drop interface just like most other Mac apps. It serves as an excellent platform for beginners to hone their skills in video editing with this software. Features a vast library of pre-made clip transitions, video trimming, audio editing, and split screen options, and provides 4K resolution support for videos.

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11. VideoPad

Available only for Windows OS, this one is literally too basic and therefore one of the best tools to play around with video editing skills until you master the art. Contains some very strong features for directly exporting videos to YouTube and other social media.

Final Words

The above list is not comprehensive; there are a number of other free and paid video editing software available online. However, these surpass the rest in terms of user convenience, interface, and other features. Go ahead, edit your videos to make them relevant and post them to garner likes and shares. Remember to always download any software from a protected and trustworthy source.

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