iMessage for Android – Is it Available?

Apple Inc has developed an instant messaging service. This is known as iMessage. This instant messaging service was launched in 2011. The platforms that support this messaging service are iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac. The operating systems that support this messaging service are iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS.

 iMessage for Android – Is it Available For Android?

It is not possible to use iMessage on Android phones. This is because Apple makes use of end to end encryption system. This system will secure the messages from the device from which they are sent to the device which will receive them. Apple servers are involved in this process. iMessage can only be used on devices which can decrypt the encrypted messages. This cannot be done by Android devices.

The features, apps etc of iMessage are only limited to those devices that support iOS and macOS. In short, this messaging service is exclusively for Apple users. But Android users need not lose heart.  There are some other alternative options that you can make use of.

Best iMessage Alternatives for Android:

1. Facebook Messenger:

This is one app that you can get free on Google Playstore. Many of you must be already using it and so you must be aware. Facebook Messenger is an app from the social media giant Facebook. So the chances are bright that most of your acquaintances and contacts must be already using Facebook. This application has a number of features like group chat, free video calling, the users can also use wifi network for sending messages. This messenger service also has its app store which has apps like Bitmoji, GIF keyboard, etc.

2. Whatsapp:

In specific parts of the globe, this is one of the best messaging services. This app is also available for free on the Google app store. The Whatsapp account is connected to the users’ phone number. This messaging service has an array of features. This includes video calling, audio calling, group chats etc. This app is also owned by Facebook. They have a web version. Recently desktop clients were introduced for the Windows and Mac operating system.

3. Telegram messenger:

This messaging service is known to support several platforms and it also has a web client. It can be used on a number of devices. The messages are synced in the cloud. So you can easily access the messages from different devices. This service has a Bot platform and Gaming platform. It has a sticker store. This service does not have any app store. With this messaging service, you can share files up to 1.5 GB. You can create groups with 5000 members as well as public channels. You must also check out its Secret Chat feature.

4. Kik messenger:

Just like other messaging services here too you can chat with individual friends as well as with a group of friends. This messaging service has a number of features. It has video calling, third party app support etc. You do not need a phone number to use this messenger. You can use your email id to use this application. You can make use of third-party apps with Kik messenger and you can also play games. It has a very good and useful search option. This option lets you search not just individuals but also groups.

5. Google messages:

Most of the android phone users will already have Google messages. This is an SMS app of Google. It makes use of RCS. It has many different features. This includes group chats, high-quality image sharing, read receipts etc. But in order to use these features your phone has to support RCS and the carrier has to support RCS. You cannot use this service with Wifi. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of this service.

6. Airmessage:

This is one of the ways to get imessages on your Android phones. For this, you will have to download the Airmessage server on your Mac computer. Next, you have to launch it and complete the configuration. Next, you have to do port forwarding on your router. Now you need to download the Airmessage app on the android phone. Now you have to only log into your account and access iMessage. With Airmessage it is possible to talk in groups, send pictures, videos, etc.

7. Skype:

Most of us are aware of this free and easy way of communicating with each other. The video calling feature is very popular. You can also message people by making use of the text messaging option. It allows sharing of photos and videos. Up to 300 people can participate in the group chat. You can easily communicate with people across the globe with their voice calls and video calls service.

8. Viber:

This application is also free. It has video calling, messaging and group calling options. The interface of Viber is user-friendly. There is no need to be worried about the security aspect as this service makes use of end to end encryptions.

9. Hangouts:

This is Google’s messaging service. This service has a number of emojis and stickers. In the group chat 150 people can be included. It also has a group video calling feature. Many people are already having a Google account so naturally, it becomes easy to connect with your contacts with the help of this service.

10. Google Allo:

This is a free service. It is by Google and it is better than hangouts. It includes Google Assistant support. You do not have to type a single word. It will learn how the user is replying to text messages and pictures. There is also an option to change the font size.

If you have an android phone and cannot make use of imessage which is exclusively for Apple users then do not get disheartened. This is because there are a number of other good alternatives to iMessage. Just choose the option that you are comfortable with and one that suits your requirement. Some of the best options are available for free on the Google app store.

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