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Apart from the many differences that iPhone and Android have, there is something that most Android users have always been jealous of, and that is iPhone emojis. Although Android users have a good set of emojis from the beginning the style of emojis found in IOS is different and interesting. Additionally, it gives your messages a new look and you can have so much fun with them.

Since both the operating systems work differently, getting features of one operating system in another has been almost impossible. But not anymore, as we have come up with a way that can help you get your favorite iPhone emoji for Android device within seconds with just a few simple steps.

Beneficial features of iPhone emojis:

  • The emoji designs found in Apple are more interesting and fun to look at. The variation in the emoji set is more than the rest of the operating systems.
  • iPhone keeps updating its emojis at regular intervals and makes sure that the users get the best experience while conveying their thoughts to the other people.
  • The organization that is responsible to approve all the emojis that have to be used globally keeps a regular check with Google and Apple who make sure to create new and updated versions of emojis every time.
  • However, what makes Apple different and better here is that it keeps on adding the approved emojis to its database so that the users are able to download it whenever they want to and improve their experience. Android, on the other hand, is not so great at updating its software on a regular basis.
  • So much so, devices that work on IOS are very quick to download these updates even in case of emojis and are able to display a whole new and updated set emojis after every update.

Download iPhone emoji for Android:

In order to successfully download iPhone emoji for Android, all you need is a rooted Android device and the installed Magisk app from any source.

  • To start with, first, download the Magisk module that will help you install the needed features in your phone easily. The app can be found either on play store or on the browser. This app would act as a pathway between the two operating systems and will help Android support the Apple emoji keyboard without any problems.
  • Once you have installed the application, you have to reach the module section of the app. There you will find an action tool looking like a floating icon that would be present on the bottom of the screen. Through this tool, you have to install the emoji file that would be taken from the IOS and would be transferred to your device.
  • The next step is to find a secure a link that will lead you to the iPhone emojis and will download them on your device. The floating icon from the last step will lead you to a menu bar which will have the zip file of the emojis that just downloaded.
  • Select the file and wait for the file to get installed on the device properly. Once done, reboot the system and Voila! you have your emojis ready.

Best Apps for Using iPhone Emojis on Android:

Apart from the app mentioned above, there are various other apps that could be used for installing iPhone emoji for Android.

1. Kika Emoji Keyboard:

This keyboard app provides you with interesting themes and a whole new look for your keyboard. All you have to do is select the kind of keyboard you are looking for from the search menu and you are good to go.

2. Emoji Keyboard:

This app lets you download the most interesting emojis from all over the world. You get to have any kind of emoji you are looking for on this app.

3. Facemoji:

If you are looking for a source that gives you not just themed keyboards and emojis but great fonts as well, then this is the app for you. With this app, you can even choose a photograph as your keyboard background.

The steps mentioned above provide you with the easiest way to get iPhone emojis. The apps will support the emojis and complete the process quite quickly. Hope it helps!

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