Netflix App for Windows PC | Guide For Using

Netflix never fails to provide wholesome entertainment. It has one of the best collections of movies and television shows. One of the ways of watching Netflix on your PC is by going to the official website of Netflix on your web browser. For the first few days you can watch it for free but later you have to take the subscription.

But these days most people will prefer to have an application installed on their device so that they can access the program at the click of a button. Now the question here is whether Netflix app for pc is available. If you have Windows 8 and above operating system on your laptop then here is some good news for you.

Netflix app for PC

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Steps to Download Netflix App on Windows PC:

You can download the Netflix app and download movies on your laptop by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1:

First of all, you have to create a Netflix account. You will have to go to the Netflix website and sign up. They have a 30 days free trial option. You have to provide details like email id, credit card details, etc. Once the 30 day trial period is over you have to opt for their paid subscription.


Step 2:

Download the Netflix app from the Windows store. If you are using a windows computer that has Windows 8 or higher version then you can download the app for free from the Windows app store. You can use this app only with the paid Netflix subscription. You simply have to go to the app store and click on the download tab to download the application. Follow the instructions to install the app on your Windows PC.

Step 3:

Now that you have successfully installed the application here is how you can use it. You have to go to the Start menu. Next, you have to click on the Netflix app icon. In the app, you will find 2 options. One is the download option which you can use to download movies and shows. The other tab is updated option. By clicking on updates if any updates are available then your laptop will start downloading the same.

Step 4:

Now let us check how to set up the playback quality preferences. On the left side of the menu screen, there is a menu option. Click on this option. Go to app settings. Under downloads, you will see the video quality option. Here there is 2 options standard and high. Choose as per your requirement. It must be noted that in the case of the basic plan the movies and TV shows will be downloaded only in SD quality.

Step 5:

Now you need to check which content is available for download. It must be noted that all the content is not available for download. Select the content of your choice that is available for download. You can save the movie or show and watch it later. It must be noted that you have to save the content in the same drive where you have saved the Netflix app. This means that you cannot download the content to a USB drive or SD card.

Step 6:

Now, whenever you want to watch the downloaded content offline just click on the My download option in the app and watch the content offline.

How to Use Netflix on MAC:

The above steps are for the windows laptop. But there will be some of you who may be using Mac computers. Well, currently there is no Netflix app available for Mac computers. But you can download Netflix app for your iPhone or iPad from the Apple Store. In the case of your Mac computers currently, the only option that you have is to watch the content on the official website of Netflix by using a compatible web browser.

Netflix has many different options and people of all age groups will find the content of their liking on this platform. But sometimes it may not be possible to watch Netflix online. In such cases, it will be better if you can download the movies and shows from Netflix and watch them later. This is possible for Netflix subscribers with a paid subscription and who have Windows 8 and above on their laptop. They can easily download the Netflix app. Once you have the app you can download the content and watch it later offline.

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