10 Best Rapidgator Premium Link Generator Websites in 2019

If you’re looking for a place on the internet to store your data and files, then Rapidgator Premium Link Generator can be of help. This online tool facilitates internet users to upload files of any size – however big or small – and even share them with other users.

It’s an ideal software to enable data backup as well, securing all your files on the online server which you can restore whenever you want. Not just upload but downloading data is possible too anytime, anywhere, from any device.

How Does Rapidgator Work?

Rapidgator is a website that allows users to save data online. And the storage space available on its online server is unlimited, so you never have to worry about falling short of space. Just upload whatever you want, save it online, and then download it as you wish. Users can either opt for a Rapidgator free account or premium account, as per their need. However, note that the free account would only give access to a few features on the website and subscribing to the premium account, you can avail much more.

But again, it may not be possible for everyone to afford subscription cost, and therefore to make things easier for them, there is the Rapidgator free premium link generator. Using this tool, you can generate links to premium accounts of several hosting websites and download content from them, without actually having to pay for it.

Top Benefits of Rapidgator:

Let’s summarise some of the key benefits of using a Rapidgator Premium Link Generator:

  • Best online platform to store all your data
  • Enables uploading files of unlimited size
  • Provides facility share data with other online users
  • Excellent data backup facility
  • Safe and secure means to share data
  • Anytime download possible

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Top Rapidgator Premium Link Generators

You can generate a free Rapidgator premium account link from a number of websites. Just go to the website you wish to generate it from and follow the given instructions. The method to generate a Rapidgator free premium link online is called leech and such websites are known as leech websites. Here are some of the best leech websites that allow for generation of premium links for free:

  1. com

Step #1: Visit the official website of the company.

Step #2: You need to login to the site using a username and password. You’ll need to create one if you aren’t registered already.

Step #3: Paste the link you wish to generate on the text box.

Step #4: Click Generate. Your premium link is generated and you can start using all the premium features.

Note: The same steps can be followed for all the websites listed below.

  1. EU

This website can be used by users in any part of the world to obtain a free premium link. Just follow the step-by-step procedure explained above and you’re done.

  1. Big Speed

This one provides easy access to a number of websites offering storage space for a host of cloud files online.

  1. Lee


Extremely user-friendly features available free of cost. Premium link generation is simple and you can start downloading premium content from the host website as soon as the link is generated.

  1. Cocoleech

Another famous Rapidgator Premium Link Generator that facilitates speedy and easy link generation to its users.

  1. Generator link premium

As the name suggests, you can use this website to generate a premium link for any hosting site that provides storage space for your data.

  1. Generate All

A perfect platform to generate all kinds of premium links and start downloading, uploading, storing, and sharing data online. Simple and free to use.

  1. ninja

A superfast leech website that generates premium links in no time. The site is free and secure too, and you can even clear the input link after you’re done downloading it.

  1. link

Another of the leech websites mentioned above that is easy to use and provides free access to premium accounts of other websites by generating a premium link for the user.

  1. Hungryleech

The last on our list of top Rapidgator Premium Link Generators, which allows all the common features as offered by other sites listed above.


Rapidgator is one of the best tools available online at the moment to upload, download, back up, store, and share data. And for all those who don’t wish to create premium accounts on websites but still want to access their complete features, this software can be a true blessing.

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