Download Safari for Windows 10 | Available for PC?

Web browsers are like print publishers but they are different from search engines, web browsers are mainly used to use the World Wide Web and they can also be used to access information that is sent by web servers. A web browser also acts as a password manager, download manager, form filler and torrent downloader; in short, it has all the information for you whenever you want to access it.

There are a number of popular web browsers, the most famous one being the safari browser. Safari is known to be the best browser for all Mac systems; it was first introduced in 2003; this web browser is efficient as compared to other browsers and is also known to be a battery saver. It is the best browsing server and is known for its sophisticated design; convenient browsing and features that make it stand out from the rest.

Download Safari for Windows 10

Safari is basically a web browser for Mac devices and there is also a mobile version of it for the IOS devices, in 2007 apple CEO Steve jobs introduced safari for windows. It was one of the first browsers for windows that had a number of features like top sites, cover flow, reader, tabs on top and it also had the standard features as other web browsers, Safari 5.1.7 was the last version of safari for windows pc that was introduced as after a run of three years it was discontinued; it is still available but it is not considered safe to use because there can be a threat to the pc from the harmful malware and from hackers. Safari is best if used on the Mac system and IOS supported devices.

Mostly Used Web Browsers for windows:

Safari is the best web browser but as safari for windows has been discontinued there are a number of other web browsers that one can consider using for their windows PC. Here is a list of some best web browsers for windows:

1. Google Chrome

This is the top most and the quite trusted browser for windows; this browser was introduced by Google. This browser is known to give the best results if one uses Gmail and YouTube; it has some impressive features and signs in options which makes it one of the best and the most popular web browsers. Though it is quite quick it is known for a higher consumption of power. Loading pages with Google chrome is quite easy and there are a large number of extensions available, also this browser is available for all android devices.

2. Mozilla Firefox

This is a web browser by the Mozilla Foundation which is available for windows as well as for other platforms. Firefox has higher security and privacy features also it has a lot of plug in options. It has some exclusive tool and as it belongs to the Mozilla foundation there are least chances of getting hacked or tracked if one is using Firefox. It has a do not track feature and also a private browsing feature so it is quite high on privacy. One can also customize the web browser by adding them and some add-ons to make the browser user friendly for you.

3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser introduced by Microsoft and it is a great competitor for Google chrome. This browser has several services offered by Microsoft like one drive; as it is a web browser introduced by windows it works best on the latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 10.

4. Chromium

This is a counterpart of Google chrome and can be used on a Linux system; it is somewhat same like the Google chrome and one can sign in it by using the Google account and can sync data. Chromium has a blue colored logo which can help one in distinguishing it from its other counterpart.

So, one can use any of these browsers for their windows PC in place of safari; though they do not have the same features as the Mac browser but all these browsers are great for surfing the internet, for loading your favourite sites, for downloading torrents and above all these web browsers are safe for the PC.

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