Safari for Windows 10 Download | Still available for PC?

Safari browsers were made available for the Windows users for a brief period of time, but now Apple has discontinued them for the Windows platform users. However, you may need them for purposes such as browser compatibility if you are a web designer, developer, etc.

Features of the Safari Windows browser

  • Performance

Apple has heavily invested in making Safari blazingly fast. In fact it is said that Safari is 2x faster than any other browser out there.

  • User Interface

The sleek and clean user interface is perfect for making the user focus on what they are browsing. The browser in any way doesn’t interfere with the browsing experience of the user. It is highly appreciated by Safari users.

  • Pop up blocking

You must be annoyed by the pop ups that ruin the browsing experience. This browser doesn’t allow any pop ups and pop-under windows. It makes your experience whole lot better and you can focus much better on the things you are browsing. This is what Apple intends you to do.

  • Interesting features

The ability to search any text on website, switching between multiple pages, letting browser fill forms automatically, resize text fields, private browsing, etc are some of the things that you can experience with Safari. Though they are all common in today’s browser, however they were a big deal back then when safari brought them.

  • Security

Apple engineers focus on security for the users. In the world where almost every platform is plagued by hackers and unreliable stuff, Apple makes sure that its users remain safe.

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How to Download Safari on Windows 10?

There are two ways of getting Safari on your Windows PC even after Apple has stopped supporting Safari for Windows. In this article, we will let you know the two ways through which you can download Safari browser on Windows.

Download the older version of Safari through exe file

Step 1: Click on this link and download the 5.1.7 version of Safari browser on your windows PC.

Step 2: Now, the downloading would start, you have to save or open the downloaded file.

safari for windows pc

Step 3: Click on run option, after this your software would be installed on your PC.

safari installation windows 10

Step 4: You can launch the browser and start using it. So this is the first way through which you can get Safari on Windows.

We advise you to not do any confidential and personal transaction such as online shopping, internet banking, among other things. This is an old browser and is prone to security flaws and vulnerabilities.

Using Safari through Online Services

Another way of getting Safari on Windows PC is by using online services. Follow the below mentioned steps-

Step 1: Go to from your windows PC.

Step 2: Create a free account on this site and then proceed to log in.

Step 3: Now there’s an option in the left menu named Lived Testing. You have to click on it. After that click on Start live testing to proceed.

safari crossbrowsertesting

Step 4: Now select Mac OSX from the drop down menu under the desktop Tab.

safari mac

Step 5: You’ll see Safari 11 after clicking on the menu.

Step 6: Now just enter the name of the website. After that click on the option Run test.

There are several options available such as scaling resolution, taking screenshot, recording videos, among other things which you can use. If you plan to use Safari for day to day basis, it is not feasible. It is handy for developers and that too only those who use it sparingly.

This way is much secure than the 1st way wherein you had to download old version which is prone to vulnerabilities. Using these two ways are much more conventional than actually buying an apple device solely for the purpose of testing.

However the second method is not free for eternity. You have only 100 minutes of free browsing available on this site. After that you have to pay for the service by choosing a plan that the website offers.

So this is all from our side. We hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.

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