Slofies Android Apps | Apple New Feature

Apple is known to come up with innovative features. It has continued with this trend. They have introduced a new feature during the new product launch. They have also developed a new term for this new feature.

This new feature is called “Slofies”. What exactly are these “Slofies”? Let us explore the new feature to find out more details about this brand new feature in the latest Apple 11.

What is Slofie?

Apple has announced that in the new iphone 11 people will get a new slow motion selfie feature. The company gave people a taste of this feature at the recent product launch at the Steve Jobs theatre. Apple has termed this slow-motion selfie feature as “Slofie”.

What will this Slofie feature do?

At the recent launch, Tim Cook the CEO of the giant tech company  not only announced the launch of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max but he also announced about iPhone 11’s new 12-megapixel TrueDepth camera. With the help of this front camera, people will be able to take slofies. That is slow-motion selfies. One will be able to shoot selfies in the video at 120fps. The iphone’s rear camera lets you capture certain wonderful moments in slow motion. The slofie feature will give people a chance to place themselves in a scene that they want to capture in slow motion. According to Apple, this is going to be a lot more interesting feature as compared to the traditional selfies that we have been taking with our smartphones.

If you place iphone 11 sideways then the phone will auto-zoom out in order to capture more part of the surrounding. This will be one of the best things for all those people who had to pull out their selfie sticks to click group photos. If you take a look at the slofie trailer of iphone you will realise that this feature will surely help in adding a lot more excitement to your pictures.

Slofies App Alternatives:

1. iMotion HD:

This is an app for iphone. It can be used for iphone 5. This has both time-lapse and slow-motion video applications. With this app you can shoot HD 720 videos. These videos can then be exported to Youtube. All that you have to do is go to the New movie option and set the required parameters and then click start and you can shoot the video in slow motion.

2. Slow Motion Video.s Editor:

This is a simple and easy to use the app. When you click on the Record button you will get 2 options. These options are slow and fast. You have to choose the speed as per your choice. Then you need to click on Save in order to save the changes.

3. SlowCam:

This is also easy to use an app for your iPhone. By clicking on the Record button you can start recording videos. For slow-motion you have to select the Snail sign. Choose the required parameters and then once you have completed the recording you can save it to the Camera Roll.

There are some other applications as well that help you to capture videos in slow motion. But they have one major difference when we compare it with slofies feature and that is that only with slofie you can take slow-motion selfies.

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