Swagbucks Review 2019 | Is it Legit or Scam? – My Personal Feedback!

One website that comes to our minds when we think about making money from home or online is Swagbucks. This happens to be one of the most popular websites which have different ways and means using which one can earn money and get some really good benefits.

Swagbucks Review | What Actually it is?

Before we take a review of this website let us quickly try and understand what this website is all about. This is a loyalty program website. It is based in El Segundo, California and the parent organization is Prodege LLC. This website provides gift cards of different values. One can later redeem these gift cards. This is a legitimate website and many people have reaped benefits from this website. You can even call it a search engine. But when you search something from this search engine along with the search results you also get points which are called Swagbucks which can be redeemed.

Here is how you can make money from Swagbucks!

Now what most of you will be interested in knowing is how you can make money from this website. There are different ways by using which you can make money on this website. Yes, the first thing that you need to do is sign up on the website. You can earn Swagbucks points for shopping online. You can indulge in cashback shopping offers. The shopping can be done from more than 1500 retailers. The list includes retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, etc.

One of the easiest ways to earn Swagbucks points is by participating in surveys. Here you get the points for sharing your opinion. Watching videos can also help you earn Swagbucks points and gift cards. Signing up for certain services, checking deals from well-known brands, checking out free samples can also help you earn points. The use of their Yahoo-powered search engine and playing games is also an easy way to earn points. You can also make use of their mobile app for doing the above-stated activities on the go.

Now 1 Swagbucks point or SB point is equal to 1 cent. You can redeem the payments via Paypal. You can also get Amazon gift cards using, which you can do shopping on Amazon, Walmart, and other such big retailers.

Why Swagbucks is Legit? and How Can I Say that?

I can confirmly say thats Swagbucks is 100% Legit. I have tried personally and made some good money out it. I listed 4 main reasons to support my statement. You can read them below..

1. The general opinion about the website:

If you are hearing about Swagbucks for the first time then naturally there will be many questions and lots of confusion in your mind. You will wonder why someone will pay you for completing certain activities online. You will fear that this too might be just another scam website where you might just get duped. But what needs to be emphasized here is that this website is being used successfully by a number of people. This is a legitimate website which can help you earn a few extra bucks in your free time.

This is basically a search engine which in fact has been sponsored by Google and Ask.  This cool website is a place where you will get reward points when you search for stuff online. Just install the Swagbucks toolbar and make use of their search engine for all the searches and keep earning points. This is a good search engine and they do give good search results. But if the search is being carried out for work-related requirement or for some serious research then you need to turn to Google which has much superior search results. But for fun things that you are looking out for you can turn to this search engine and earn some points.

2. A look at the working of the website:

There is nothing complicated in the working of this website. You only have to sign up and then do your searches from their website or by using their toolbar. For every search, you will be rewarded points. These can be redeemed in cash via Paypal or you can get gift cards and many other prizes. As already mentioned this website does not give points only for searches.

They give points for a number of other activities. You can choose their No Obligation Special Offer or other offers and earn points. You can do surveys, online shopping and earn points. They also have Trade-in Programmes using which, you can earn points. You can actually trade your old cell phone or any other old useful item and in return, you will get SB points. Simply taking polls or by inviting friends can also help you get points.

3. Free time Pass time:

You can call this website a good way to pass your free time. In return, you have a chance to win prizes and money. So we can say that this is a legitimate website which can help you earn some quick bucks and prizes. People have been using this website successfully from past many years.

4. One word of caution:

One thing that needs to be pointed out here is that time management is very important. This site can be a bit addictive in nature. You might just spend hours together checking out the deals and offers and at times your important work may take a backseat. So you need to be careful with that aspect. Yes if you are using it on a regular basis for search purpose then no harm but when it comes to online shopping, polls, surveys etc make sure that you do it only in your free time.


Now here is a website that is letting you earn points, money, and prizes for doing simple activities. It is letting you earn points for doing your regular searches on the search engine. So there is absolutely no harm using this website. The search engine of Swagbucks is something that you can use every day. Whenever you have some free time then instead of just lazing around you can use your time more productively by getting involved in the activities on this website.

Yes but while doing all this make sure that you do not lose track of the other important activities that may be scheduled in your daily activities list.

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