Fix USB Ports Not Working in Windows 10

Universal serial bus or popularly known as USB is the easiest way to access the features of various devices like printers, cameras, flash drives, etc. The USB slot in your pc or laptop serves as the point of connection for various devices that you may need to use more often than you can imagine.

But sometimes like many other devices you may find that your USB is not working. If you are someone encountering this problem than through this article you will find all the necessary steps to fix USB ports not working windows 10.

Some Errors with Fixes

Common Causes for USB not working:

Some of the common causes due to which a USB stops functioning are as follows:

  • Existing USB driver becomes corrupt or unstable.
  • Not updating windows for the latest hardware and software patches.
  • The motherboard of your pc may be missing updated drivers.
  • USB controllers may have become corrupted.

While there can be more reasons for not working on the USB ports but the above listed are some of the common and frequently occurring causes.

Ways to fix USB Port Not Working Error in Windows 10:

Here are the five ways you can use to fix USB port problems in Windows 10.

1. Reinstalling Device Drivers

You can try reinstalling device drivers by following the below-listed steps to fix USB ports not working windows 10.

  • Select the device manager from the menu by pressing the Windows key + X.
  • Right click on the universal serial bus controllers’ section in the device manager window.
  • Now select the Update driver option from the context menu and follow the on-screen instruction to install the latest driver.
  • The next step is to restart your machine in order to bring changes to effect.

2. Modifying the Registry

Sometimes the registry problem is also the cause of USB port not working properly. In order to fix this problem, you have to modify the registry of your Windows 10. But before modifying anything in the registry it is recommended to backup your existing registry so you can restore the original registry if anything goes wrong.

  • Press Windows key + R to open the Run window.
  • Type ‘Regedit’ and press enter.
  • Now from the entries in the left-hand pane locate the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass{4d36e965-xxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx}. The key can differ from machine to machine but in all of the machines the starting entry will be 4d36e965.
  • Now look for the entries LowerFilter and UpperFilter in the right-hand pane and delete them. If you are unable to find them then try the next solution.
  • Restart your machine after deleting them and check if your problem is resolved or not.

3. Installing Windows updates

Installing the latest windows updates also can solve a lot of the issues including fix USB ports not working windows 10.

  • Press Windows key + I to open windows settings.
  • Click on the Update and Security option.
  • Now select windows update option from the left-hand pane and click on ‘Check for updates’ which you will find on the right pane.
  • Once your downloading is finished restart your machine for updates to take effect and most probably it will fix your issues.

4. Updating root hub drivers for USB

  • Select device manager by pressing Windows key + X.
  • Now, double click on the universal serial bus controllers to expand it.
  • After that find the USB root hub from the list of options and right click on it and select the Update driver option.
  • You will be presented with two options out of that select automatic update option and follow the instructions.
  • Update all the drivers by following the same steps and restart your pc once done.

5. Disabling fast start-up

Some times due to quick reboot USB is not detected by your system. For fixing this all you have to do is disable the fast start-up option on Windows 10.

  • Select power options by pressing Windows + X.
  • Now search for the option ‘Additional power settings’ and click on it.
  • Now click on ‘Choose what the power buttons do’ from the left-hand pane of the window.
  • Then click on ‘change settings that are currently unavailable’ and uncheck fast start-up options in the shutdown settings and click on save changes.

The above-discussed ways are more than enough to fix USB ports not working windows 10. If you are still facing problems then it is better to call an engineer and let them fix it for you.

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