4 Ways To Fix Whea_Uncorrectable_Error Windows 8.1

Many users of Windows 8.1 have complained about the error known as whea uncorrectable error. It is the hardware error is shown during the startup process in a blue screen and the code of this error is 0xc0000124.

There can be many causes of this error and if you are encountering this error then in this article you will find various ways to fix whea uncorrectable error Windows 8.1.

Common causes of this Whea Uncorrectable Error :

Some of the common causes due to which this error can occur are as follows:

  • Conflicting drivers
  • Overclocking of the system
  • Compatibility issues with the driver
  • Corrupt hardware e.g. corrupted RAM, corrupt video card, hard disk, etc.
  • Corrupt system files or windows registry

While there can be many more issues due to which this error can occur but the above listed points are the most common causes for the occurrence of this error.

Ways to fix this Whea Uncorrectable Error:

In order to fix this error, there are many ways that you can choose. Some of them are explained below.

1. Disabling overclock from the BIOS

Overclocking the BIOS is the most common cause of this error to occur. While overclocking can boost the performance of your machine but it also results in overheating of the processor. So, to disable the overclocking feature from the BIOS follow the steps given below.

  • Open the charm bar in your windows 8.1 machine by pressing the ‘Windows key + C’.
  • Now click on settings.
  • After that click on Change PC settings.
  • Click on the General option after that.
  • Then click on the advanced startup and click on restart now.
  • After your system restarts on advanced startup mode then go to advanced options in the troubleshooting.
  • Then select UEFI firmware settings and click on restart.
  • If you have followed the above steps clearly than your system will open the BIOS screen automatically after restarting.
  • Now, in the BIOS menu go for the advanced tab and then to the performance tab.
  • Find the overclocking option in there and disable it if it is set on enable.
  • Save the changes and exit from the BIOS menu by pressing the F10 key.

2. Check the Drivers

This error can also occur due to the drivers that you have installed recently that are not compatible with your version of windows. To fix whea uncorrectable error windows 8.1 follow the steps given below.

  • Open the charm bar by pressing Windows key + C.
  • Now in the search bar type ‘Device Manager’.
  • Now from the list of the drivers installed to check if there is any corrupted driver installed. If you can’t find any error there than simply update the driver which you have recently installed.
  • For updating the driver just double click on the device whose driver you have installed recently and from the list right click on the device and click on ‘Update Driver Software’.
  • If you are unable to boot into the windows then boot in ‘Safe Mode’ and run the device manager from there.

3. Run windows memory diagnostic and check disk (chkdsk)

To check if this error is caused by corrupt memory or hard drive then you can follow the below listed steps to fix whea uncorrectable error windows 8.1.

To start the chkdsk process follow the steps given below:

  • Press Windows key + C and open the charm bar.
  • Type ‘CMD’ in the search bar.
  • Then right click on the ‘Command Prompt’ and click on ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • In the command prompt type ‘chkdsk C:/f/r’ and press enter. Note- here /f stands for fix errors of the disk and /r stands for the recovery of information from the bad sectors of the disk.
  • When prompted press y button and hit enter to schedule checking of the disk when your system restarts.

To start windows memory diagnostic, in the search bar type ‘Windows Memory Diagnostic’ and click on it. Follow the instructions to start the process and await the results.

4. System restore to an earlier point

There is a feature in the windows known as system restore. This feature is very helpful in restoring your system to an earlier point of time when your system was not encountering this error. In order to fix whea uncorrectable error windows 8.1 using system restore you must have a restore point saved to use this method. If there is no restore point then try any other method as it won’t work for you.

These were some of the ways which you can use to fix this error. You can also try cleaning your CPU by opening it and removing and placing your RAM again. Sometimes dust also hinders the working of devices like cooling fan, hard disk, etc. Therefore, it is important to keep cleaning your CPU from time to time so that it does not collect any dust.

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